Get feedback with a custom pop-up survey

It is easier and faster to receive feedback from target clients with pop-up surveys than basic questionnaires. Using Dashly visual editor flexible setting, you can launch pop-up in 10 minutes
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Launch survey pop-up on your website as easy as 1-2-3

With Dashly pop-up creator, you don't need coding or design skills to create pop-ups. The whole process takes no more than five minutes:
Pick one of the ready-made pop-up templates or create from scratch.

Modify pop-up visual, text, fields, and buttons according to your brand style.

Choose the time, audience, and pages your visitors will see the pop-up.

Do an A/B test to find the pop-up variant.

Dashly pop-up surveys — your ultimate solution

You are unlimited in the design and settings options of a survey pop-up. Here are the most common scenarios with ready-made pop-up templates:

Classic pop-up survey

It is about a question, one field to answer it, eye-catching illustration, and the submit button is perfect for getting fast user feedback.

Onboarding pop-up

You can ask your new clients' interests, goals, job titles, etc., with a list of pre-defined answers on the pop-up during product onboarding.
Add video to attract more attention to your survey on the first pop-up, and get feedback on the second one.
Asking for feedback is a good practice, but it's better to follow up with the thank-you email newsletter or report about fixes issues.
This widget appears just before visitors leave. With additional targeting settings, you will refer only those who made a purchase, for example.

Lead capture pop-up

In addition to visitors' opinions, you can get their emails, names, phone numbers, or other data.
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How to generate more leads?
Dashly and know the answer. The story of how the implementation of one product brought 3 times more leads with one pop-up and a live chat.
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Dashly and Kflwebdesign made a cool project for a New York flower shop that brought more leads, improved customer service and helped the flower shop to get 55% more online sales.
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Dashly pop-up surveys — your ultimate solution

Low maintenance cost: pop-ups work even when you sleep, allowing you to capture various data in a short time.
Information without effort: when a survey pop-up collects data, your managers focus on the revenue-generating leads.
No redirection: pop-ups are keeping visitors on the same page while they answer the questions. This improves site performance.


What is Survey Pop-Up
Pop-up survey is a classic pop-up that includes a question, pre-defined answer options or text field, and submit button. It is aimed to set a deeper connection with your customers, to understand their needs or preferences.

Which Dashly plans offer survey pop-ups?
Pop-ups are available in all Dashly versions, including a free 7-day trial.

Can I customize a survey pop-up without coding skills?
Sure. In Dashly visual editor, you can create a stylish pop-up in less than 15 minutes to set up a use case and customize templates. Add images, animations, videos, CTA buttons, text fields, change the background, set sending options, and track pop-up survey performance in one place.
Build your first pop-up for free
7 days of free trial. No credit card required