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Capture and qualify website visitors, reduce team workload, and boost one-to-one conversations.

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Launch chatbots to automate conversations with your website visitors

With the help of Dashly free chatbot, you can:

Choose a part of your audience you want to reach and set up triggers that activate a chatbot when a visitor performs a certain action. Engage only those leads you need.

During the free trial, a chat bot will ask them questions with possible answers to collect more info before routing leads to sales managers.

Leave easy questions to chatbots and focus on high-value leads and sales.

For example, a chatbot will tell your target users about product updates and help to book a free demo to onboard into new features.

Let a chatbot ask them open questions and the ones with options. Collect customers' feedback about your product or service.

Try chatbot free for 7 days

Customize a chatbot according to your website style with a free builder

With Dashly Chatbot Builder, you can choose and set up:

  • Color
  • Text
  • Pictures
  • Files
  • Buttons
  • All the fields you need
  • Offer up to 10 possible answers

Try chatbot free for 7 days

Create your first chat bot in three steps for free:

1. Create messages sent by a chatbot and answer options (buttons or text). Each reply can trigger the next message. Sort them in the correct order and automate conversations from start to finish. Each thread is visualized in a chatbot flow — it makes content creation much more convenient.

2. Set triggers and define a timeline for chatbot service activation. Choose audience: the conversation window can pop up for every visitor or particular viewer.

3. Set sending status. Define pages on which your users will chat with a bot.

Review settings and launch your chatbot.

Build Your Own Chatbot for free.

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Free software that goes far beyond chatbots

Knowledge base

Let your customers find answers to their questions on their own and solve the typical issues on the spot. Dashly free chatbot software is compatible with another helpful tool, knowledge base. So forget about long messages with instructions. Instead, share a link to the relevant guide article of your knowledge base.

Website Visitors Data Trackin

Personal approach and attention. That's what customers value the most. Dashly chatbot software tracks visitors' behavior, their interactions with your company, so you always have it at your hands in the Lead Card. Make sure your team knows who they're talking to and what products they should offer.

Ready-made campaigns

If you have no coding skills or just aren't sure how to launch your first chatbot, our software offers a wide range of free ready-to-use templates for your product in a few clicks. Lead qualification, feedback forms, dealing with FAQs, targeted product updates, and many other scenarios that will help you make the most of Dashly chatbot during a free trial.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chatbot builder?

It's software that allows you to launch a chatbot on your website. It has flexible settings which will help you customize a chatbot according to your website style: change colors, add pictures and texts, set up buttons and fields to fill.

How does a business use chatbots?

With Dashly free builder, you can set up your chatbot to capture leads and ask customers qualifying questions. Your chatbot can collect customers' data and schedule meetings. Facilitate your team's workload by setting Dashly free bot to deal with FAQs or route conversations to qualified support managers and sales agents.

Can I use chatbot software if I have no coding skills?

Of course! Even if you don't have any coding skills, you will use our free chatbot builder since it has a clear and intuitive interface. Construct your chatbot from scratch or use ready-made campaigns and customize them to your needs. Our team did their best to create accessible software for any user.

How much does Dashly chatbot cost?

You can add chatbot software to your website in each of Dashly's plans. Qualification chatbot is available in the Business plan. If you want more chatbot functions, consider Automation and Premium plans. If you're still unsure which plan to choose, you can test our chatbot builder with the 7-day free trial. Launch your first chatbot for free and see its practical use for your business.