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engage, qualify and sell better

Boost your efficiency with marketing chatbots

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Get more leads and revenue from your current traffic

Collect leads at night and on weekends

Chatbot automatically collects, segments, and qualifies leads. Don't hesitate to use chatbots for marketing activities.

chat bot for marketing

Proactively engage in conversation and gather contacts

Create targeted marketing campaigns with chatbots and reach out to customers on high-intent pages.

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Schedule meetings with hot leads

Just imagine, customers will be able to book meetings automatically with no support or service team help.

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Push customers to purchase

The marketing team uses chatbots to move visitors through a sales funnel. So your business can help customers with payment or account or app activation.


Help your marketing and sales teams win more deals in less time

Greet customers automatically

The Welcome chatbot meets users, answers the most common questions, and collects contacts if agents are offline. You guess this chatbot is useful for a marketing team.

service management conversational

Distribute customer requests within your team automatically

Route customer requests to the relevant team automatically. The marketing chatbot handles initial communication and collects context data into leads cards.

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Transfer customer data to CRM and other services automatically

This chatbot superpower is so useful for a marketing team. Use Dashly solution to:

· enrich customers CRM profiles with the information from visitors answers automatically;

· learn customers interests;

· improve service on issues leads mentioned in chats with support team;

· segment your leads base to personalize marketing campaigns.

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the best of bot solutions

Very soon: chatbot in messengers

We are constantly improving the product. Soon your team will be able to use a chatbot not only on a website but also in messengers.

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FAQ on chatbots for marketing teams

What is a marketing chat bot?

A chatbot is a service tool that sends your customers triggered messages with possible answers or marketing forms to fill in.

According to the option the customer picks, the online chatbot recommends them a product, leads to the website page, assigns the conversation to the relevant support team member, or routes it to a particular business channel. Want to know more? Read more about a chatbot in our article.

How can business use chatbots?

Business uses chatbots for:

· Marketing: marketing teams implement chatbots on websites and socials to collect and qualify leads.

· Customer support: provide 24/7 service and answer customers questions even during non-working hours.

· Sales: recommend products, lead to purchase or registration, and pre-qualify leads, reduce cart abandonment automatically.

· Product: churn rate reduce, collect customers feedback, send product updates to relevant segments.

What solutions should have an ideal bot service?

The best website chatbot service has a list of solutions. Check if yours have them:

– Visual chatbot builder

– Integrations with Facebook, Instagram socials, and messengers.

– Marketing forms to capture customer contacts and personal data.

– Website visitors’ behavior tracking to provide in-time support.

– 24/7 customer service.

– Clear pricing.

– Rich customization options.

What are the best marketing chatbot solutions?

Dashly, LiveChat, Intercom, and Freshdesk Messaging solutions are among the industry leaders.

We reviewed these and some other services in our article on the best chatbot tools.

But if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, consider Dashly. It’ll cost you less than other tools, but it provides similar functionality. You can check out pricing plans here.

How to build a chat bot for marketing, customer service, or support? 

It is no matter for support or marketing teams you build a chatbot because the logic is the same. With Dashly solutions you can create a bot in an easy-to-use builder. You only need to: 

— create a message chain, 

— come up with the text, 

— choose a trigger for launching,

— set up audience filters.

You don’t have to be a developer to make a bot, but Dashly’s programmers will help you in case of any difficulty. We have written an article on how to create a chatbot for a website. Check it out!

How much does a chatbot cost?

The price for chatbot solutions differs from service to service. But in most cases, chatbots go together with other solutions, like live chat, knowledge base, etc. 

In Dashly, chatbot marketing is included in three plans, starting from $39/mo. So it can be used by any size business.

You can choose the best plan, or try to build your first chatbot without code for free on the 7-day trial.

How does EdTech marketing use bots?

Chatbot service is only one of the solutions Dashly provides for EdTech. Here are the most popular scenarios that online schools launch:

— Ask visitors about their interests to recommend the best course.

— Activate freemium students into paid plans.

— Qualify and collect prospects.

— Support customers.

Download a free map of chat bot scenarios for EdTech business.

How does SaaS marketing use bots?

Here are the most popular customer scenarios that SaaS companies launched this year with Dashly:

— Collect and qualify leads.

— Activate customers into new features;

— Recommend relevant solutions.

— Onboard customers.

— Qualify customer requests to route them to the relevant support team member.

— Support customers by answering FAQs 24/7.

Download a free map of chat bot customer communication scenarios for SaaS businesses.

How does eCommerce marketing use bots?

Dashly solutions are popular among online stores. Here are the most popular customer communication scenarios that eCommerce companies launch:

— Welcome visitors and recommend solutions that match their interests.

— Boost sales by offering a promo code to an inactive customer.

— Prevent cart abandonment by offering free shipping.

— Cross- and Upsell items to loyal a customer.

— Answer frequently asked customer questions 24/7.

Download a free map of chat bot scenarios for eCommerce.