Instantly reply to customer requests from Instagram from the Inbox

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Instantly reply to customer requests from Instagram from the Inbox

Instagram is a great sales channel, but it takes a lot of effort to organize support there:

  • Customers constantly send direct messages, and SMM specialists don’t have time to respond because they don’t know how many goods are left or when the release will be on mobile.
  • Support agents have to search for specific messages by usernames since there are no tags.
  • It is challenging to manage support agents. There is no way to distribute messages between different specialists.
  • If there are problems with delivery or orders, it’s difficult to assess the scale of these problems because agents can’t count or tag messages.

Fortunately, no more of these problems, because from now on, there is Dashly integration with Instagram. So you will be able to communicate with customers on the same platform.

The integration will allow you to communicate seamlessly with customers from Instagram, hand over processing requests to the support team, instantly respond to messages or any actions from a single window.

Don’t miss any direct messages

Do clients send you direct messages and leave without waiting for an answer? By connecting the integration, you will quickly solve this problem.

Dashly live chat allows you to automate the routine and reduce the response time to messages.

Messages from Instagram and other messengers will come to the Inbox, where any free agent can pick them up. Support managers do not have to switch between accounts and browser windows. If they are not on the computer, they can check the Inbox via the mobile app.

If the agent doesn’t know the answer to the user’s question, they can assign the conversation to another specialist, and the user won’t have to wait.

You can prepare response templates — this will allow you not to waste time on the same questions from customers.

Respond to mentions from one window

With the integration, communication with the user will look like this.

Everything you are used to on Instagram is available in the Dashly Inbox:

  • exchange of messages, images and emoji,
  • notifications when your account is mentioned in stories, replies and reactions to stories.

Place links to all social networks next to the live chat icon so that the user can choose which platform is the most convenient —  all messages will still come to Dashly.

Don’t worry about security

You don’t have to give account password to employees — you just need to give them an access to Dashly. You can assign any access level, grant or deactivate it at any time.

Analyze team performance

Dashly live chat helps make your team more productive

With the help of the Team performance report, you can control the workload of the team, monitor the speed and quality of the responses of each operator.

Thanks to Tag analytics, you will see the most frequent contact topics and quickly take action if something goes wrong. For example, if the number of conversations with the “delivery” tag suddenly increased, it might be the time to check if everything is fine with the delivery.

How to set up the integration

It is very easy to set up the integration:

  1. Link your Instagram business account to your company’s Facebook page.
  2. Allow access for Instagram integration.
  3. In the Dashly under Integrations → Instagram, create a new integration and enter a name.
  4. Click on the “Log in to Instagram” button and log in.

There is a step-by-step manual in the Knowledge Base.

Some users have already taken part in the beta test, so join us to get started working with Instagram customers and improve support.

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