Templates collection: we did your job

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Templates collection: we did your job

If Harry Potter has a magic wand, marketers and SMB owners have Dashly. Why’s that? Experts at Dashly have been experimenting with a variety of ways to increase conversion rates at different steps of the funnel. The experiments resulted in a new feature release — a templates and campaigns collection. Email templates, triggered chat messages, pop-up windows — all these wonderfully designed messages can be launched on your website within a minute.

This treasure chest is located here.

Templates collection in Dashly

If you don’t know what to start with, just walk through the templates to get inspired. But in case you are well aware of what you need, just choose the type of website and template. 

Dashly team adds new templates to the collection regularly. You will definitely find the one that works perfectly well for you. Any pop-up loses its effectiveness as time goes by. It is highly recommended to replace it with another message in a couple of months.

Once the template is chosen, add it to saved templates or start creating an auto message.

Each part of the template is easily altered: change the text, choose another picture, add/delete buttons — everything should look perfect on your stylish website! If you don’t want to create anything new, just leave it as it is. Add the template to an auto message or choose it when sending manual messages.

Don’t forget that all links in the templates have http://example.com/. Please don’t forget to change that. Otherwise the leads and customers will get surprised. 

Alright, now stop reading and go choose the template for your new communication 🙂

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