Ready-made answers to 4 most tricky customer queries [Infographics]

Ready-made answers to 4 most tricky customer queries [Infographics]

If only every customer was polite and tactful… If only every chat started with “Hello!” and ended with a sweet “Thank you for help!” But conversations hardly ever go as planned, so support agents have to deal with the whole range of customers’ emotions.

If only the support team had some canned responses for the most tricky queries… Dashly team can help with that! With templates for the most difficult issues, you’ll be able to facilitate your support work and reduce the response time.

Dashly also brought together 15 customer service scenarios to handle the most challenging issues:

  1. The asked item is missing
  2. ‘Your call is transferred’
  3. ‘Why is your product the best alternative? ’
  4. When you have to say NO
  5. Customer asks you to violate the company’s rules
  6. Release The Kraken Manager
  7. The price is too high
  8. The refund request
  9. Shipping delay
  10. A product quality issues

You’ll find answer script templates for these and 5 other issues. Download them right here 👇

Download 15 ready-made answer scripts to the most difficuslt customer requests

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Download 15 ready-made answer scripts to the most difficuslt customer requests
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