How we Achieved 3x Sales Conversion with an Email Sequence Written by AI Content Maker

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How we Achieved 3x Sales Conversion with an Email Sequence Written by AI Content Maker

The goal for our product pilots is to maintain a high conversion rate from inquiries to quality leads. Previously, I discussed how we automated contact collection and scoring for this purpose.

What’s next?

Typically, after scheduling a meeting, a manager or Calendly sends out reminder emails. But that’s not enough. To ensure the person attends, you must prove that what they’ll get is worth their time.


A logical solution is to explain the meeting’s value. We experimented a lot and eventually launched a sequence of trigger emails written by our AI Content Maker based on data provided by the leads during the qualification process.

product scenario

Here’s how it works: Each trigger email conveys the value of the upcoming meeting. This can include information about the experts, the meeting agenda, and the expected outcome.

email sequence

The last three emails remind the person of the meeting time and include testimonials about the instructors. 

This sequence helps address most objections and convinces the person to attend the meeting.

But why AI? Isn’t this what human managers already do?

Consider the amount of effort SDRs and CRM marketers put into launching such a campaign. Writing the text and setting up variables for personalization is a huge task. And if a lead fails to provide some of their information, the whole thing falls apart 😰.

Integrated into our product, AI Content Maker solves this problem quickly and without compromising quality! For example, it adapts the email content based on a specific set of lead properties or their absence:

Email text when we don’t know the child’s interests.

Email text when we don’t know the child’s interests.

Email text when we don’t know the child’s name.

Email text when we don’t know the child’s name.

As a result, in just one week, two managers could write and send 4,763 quality emails with a 68% open rate!

How did we come up with this idea?

Experimentation, experimentation, and more experimentation! Here’s how we tested our email content hypotheses in one of our pilots: In the first iteration, we sent standard, impersonal marketing emails. In the second, we sent highly personalized emails written by a human. And only in the third iteration did we use AI to write these texts.

Besides integrations, the key is a well-crafted Chat GPT prompt:

  • Instructions on whose behalf the text is written, style, etc.
  • A set of properties we collect from the lead’s answers to the qualification quiz.
  • And the email template where all this is inserted.

Here’s how the email is created 👇: 

How the email is created

Data from the quiz is fed into the product admin panel or the client’s CRM. Through integration, we extract the properties we need and insert them into the email.

Just compare these results:


Each email in the third iteration looks like it was written by a real person who understands the lead’s pains and goals. It’s hard to ignore a message that is so much about and for you: helpful guides, experts, and meeting times — all tailored to your dreams.

The results

The experiment is still fresh, and we’re calculating the overall scenario results, but the interim results for the AI Content Maker’s trigger emails are just 🤌.

  • 28% of recipients click the links in the emails,
  • 75% conversion rate for meetings,
  • 3x sales conversion compared to the group that didn’t receive the emails.

This is just a part of the experiments conducted by the Dashly team for companies focused on inbound funnels. Successful or not, all of this is a valuable experience that can help you grow faster. 


That’s exactly what I propose we discuss in our meeting 🙂 

If you are expanding into having an inbound funnel focused on lead meetings, email me at

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