How Aesthetic Health Solutions 3x High-Quality Lead Conversions and Increased Sales by 2.5 Times with Dashly

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How Aesthetic Health Solutions 3x High-Quality Lead Conversions and Increased Sales by 2.5 Times with Dashly

Find out how Aesthetic Health Solutions healthcare provider 3x the conversion into high-quality leads and 2,5x sales by replacing SDRs with Dashly tools. 

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About a client

Aesthetic Health Solutions is a leading healthcare provider offering a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. Focusing on cutting-edge technology and patient satisfaction, they have helped over a million patients achieve their desired outcomes.

IndustryHealthcare, B2C
Monthly traffic15,3K
Who uses DashlyCMO, marketers
Funnel typeConsultation Booking
Dashly tools in use• AI SDR
• Qualification Bot• CRM integration
Experiment time3 months 


Aesthetic Health Solutions hit a snag when it came to their sales game. The process of manually figuring out who’s actually interested in buying 2x their sales costs, especially since about 30% of their sales costs were just SDR managers doing lead qualification. 

Goal: The company aimed to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by 20% by removing the inefficiency of having SDRs contact every potential lead. Instead, they wanted to focus on prospects seriously considering aesthetic treatments.

The CJM on the Aesthetic Health Solutions website before Dashly implementation:

website funnel

Solution 1: Replacing lead form with Qualification Bot & Segmentation

The initial patient inquiry process at Aesthetic Health Solutions began with a form visitors had to fill out.

lead form

Before sending a free consultation request, visitors should answer six qualification questions. But there were two issues:

  • Low qualification success rate. The lead form had only 65% CR; it wasn’t engaging enough, so some visitors abandoned the process.
  • The collected qualification data wasn’t enough to define what leads could skip SDR calls.

Our lead form, requiring six qualification questions for a free consultation request, showed low efficiency with just a 65% conversion rate. It failed to engage, causing many visitors to drop off. Moreover, the data collected didn’t adequately identify leads ready to skip the SDR call. This highlighted the need for a revamped approach.

Dr. Elena Martinez
Dr. Elena Martinez
CMO of Aesthetic Health Solutions

Hypothesis: Get more high-quality leads by replacing the qualification form with Qualification Bot because, due to the conversation style, the last one has a better Engagement and Conversion Rate.

Qualification Bot — is a chatbot that meets visitors in a separate tab after the “Get a free consultation” button clicks and, in a lovely conversation, asks them qualification questions and collects contacts. 

To skip the SDRs step without data loss, we updated the Qualification Bot conversation flow with questions they asked during a call. Thus, compared to the old leads form with five questions, the Qualification Bot list increased to ten.

Qualification Bot


In three months, we achieved an impressive 84% qualification success rate compared to 65% of a lead form. This increased the number of hot leads in the sales pipeline. 

Basically, we got + 30% pre-qualified accounts. It means Aesthetic Health Solutions managers received detailed client qualification data upfront, including their health concerns, treatment history, financial readiness, lifestyle, and treatment motivation.

results 1

The hypothesis was proved: Compared to lead forms, Qualification Bot has a better Engagement and Conversion Rate.

Time for a second step of manual lead processing automatization👇

Solution 2: ABCD Segmentation and Scoring

Task: Identify a segment of potential patients more likely to purchase for further prioritization within a sales pipeline.

The research began with a six-month analysis of patient data from the client’s CRM system. We focused on qualification answers of closed deals and compared their CR to a purchase.

When the common patterns in qualification answers were found, we created a base for further segmentation:

  • Treatment history,
  • Financial readiness,
  • Lifestyle,
  • purchase motivation.

For instance, patients with a clear understanding of their health concerns, a consistent treatment history, and financial readiness for procedures were more likely to proceed with treatments. These individuals were, therefore, categorized into a priority segment that bypasses the initial consultation with SDRs and moves directly to specialist consultations. Other inquiries were routed to SDRs for further qualification.

Lead scoring experiment: 

We decided to start with scoring by one parameter — consistent treatment history. As we know, leads with a consistent treatment history have a better sales conversion, so there is no need for an SDR step. The company can route them directly to sales reps. 

The experiment:

  • Experiment group — leads, that during a conversation with Qualification Bot answered that they have a history of consistent treatment, went directly to a sales call (trial lesson).
  • Control group — leads that don’t have a history of consistent treatment — went to the SDRs call first. 


The share of the high-quality leads in the experiment group was 42,46% compared to 13,83% of the control group. That is a 3x CR growth!

Since the sales team got more high-quality leads, the CR to sales also grew. The experiment group achieved an impressive 1,12% CR to purchase when the control group had only 0,49%. 

In addition, Aesthetic Health Solutions team noticed: 

  • Lead processing speed increased, and lost deals closed faster.
  • Decreased sales team workload.
  • Lower sales cost.

Solution 3: AI SDR + summary

Collecting qualification data isn’t the sole responsibility of SDR managers during calls. They also address patients’ frequently asked questions (FAQs), impacting their willingness to schedule a free consultation and make a treatment decision. Quick responses can significantly increase the likelihood of patients moving forward to consultation and treatment.

Moreover, this interaction provides valuable insights for sales managers.

So, in case of refusal from SDRs, the healthcare provider still needs to quickly reply to clients’ questions. 

The solution: an AI-powered SDR. This AI chatbot responds to FAQs, such as “What preparations are needed for the treatment?” or “How much does the procedure cost?” following a conversation with the Qualification Bot, utilizing information from the Knowledge Base or sales scripts.

It perfectly fits the Aesthetic Health Solutions issue of visitors who are not working hours. Since the company has managers to process these leads at night, their conversion to a sales call was 20% lower than day leads.  AI SDR became a great option to nurture “night” leads. 

Since it is an entirely new solution to the market, we decided to start with conversation quality metrics👇

Hypothesis: If we implement an AI SDR to answer clients’ FAQs about the treatment process after qualification during night hours, we’ll get 30% strong dialogs and 50% leads processed.

“Strong dialog” — is a conversation where leads ask questions about a product and give additional info about themselves.

AI SDR settings:

  • Audience: Data Analytics course visitors
  • Time: Night hours 


Hypothesis succeeded:

  • 50% of leads had a conversation with AI SDR after qualification. 
  • 30% had strong dialogs providing an additional context for the sales managers call.

All that is left is to deliver this data to sales reps👇

Solution 4: CRM integration

Interactions with the Qualification Bot and AI SDR provide a wealth of valuable information about potential patients, all stored in Aesthetic Health Solutions’ CRM thanks to Dashly integration. This allows sales reps to access all contact details and qualification responses on specific patient lead cards.

However, the challenge lies in the time sales managers spend reviewing every detail on these lead cards. To address this, we’ve summarized the data. Now, in addition to the standard fields on a CRM lead card, sales reps can quickly review summaries of patient qualifications and their conversations with the AI SDR.


As a result, the lead cards at Aesthetic Health Solutions now feature:

  • Qualification responses
  • A summary of the chat with Qualification Bot for quicker lead assessment without deep diving into qualification response fields.
  • A summary of the conversation with the AI SDR.
  • A lead priority indicator. 

Dashly integration with our CRM has significantly cut down the prep time sales managers need for calls, equipping them with a detailed context for conversations that lead to successful patient outcomes. Moreover, the data harvested through this method is a goldmine for our marketing team, enabling precise segmentation and highly personalized campaigns, which ramps up our efficiency.

Dr. Elena Martinez
Dr. Elena Martinez
CMO of Aesthetic Health Solutions

Results in 3 month

Compared to the first month, the conversion to high-quality leads with Dashly achieved 3x growth, and sales increased by 2.5 times. Due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we cannot disclose the client’s financial outcomes.

result 1
result 2
result 3
result 4

Before DashlyAfter Dashly
Lead processing
• lead form
• SDR manager
• Qualification Bot
• ABCD Segmentation & Scoring
• CRM integration

Previously, Aesthetic Health Solutions missed out on engaging potential patients effectively due to reliance solely on static lead forms for inquiries.Now, with the Qualification Bot and AI SDR, we proactively qualify and gather leads, significantly enhancing our lead conversion and sales figures over three months.

Before DashlyAfter Dashly
Conversions13,84% high-quality leads in a pipeline
0,49% CR to sale
65% Qualification success rate 
42,46% high-quality leads in a pipeline
1.12% CR to sale
84% Qualification success rate

Dashly’s solutions have led to more relevant leads, eliminating the need for managers to spend additional time on lead qualification and processing. As a result, our conversion to sales has increased by 2.5 times, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach in engaging and converting potential patients more efficiently.

By adopting automated assistants for routine inquiries, we successfully redirected our valuable human resources towards strategic, revenue-generating activities, effectively overcoming this hurdle.

Dr. Elena Martinez
Dr. Elena Martinez
CMO of Aesthetic Health Solutions

Let’s discuss how Dashly can benefit your sales and marketing conversions!

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