Customer engagement software to communicate with visitors when they're most likely to take action

Leverage the power of Dashly chatbots, pop-ups, live chat and triggered email to deliver omni channel customer experience in real time

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Engage customers on all channels

Customer engagement features to personalize your brand communications

Chatbot to capture and qualify website visitors 24/7
Pop-ups to convert leads with offers they can't refuse
Live chat for messaging customer support agents in real time
Triggered email campaigns to contact customers when they need it

Lead your visitors to the target action with proven scenarios

  • Engage visitors with pop-up discounts.
  • Recommend products in a chatbot conversation.
  • Pre-qualify visitors when scheduling a demo.
  • Re-engage inactive customers with a special offer via email.
  • Engage into a live chat conversation with a welcome message.

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Know everything about your customers to make every engagement personal 

Complement the data you collected with information on:

  • pages your leads visited and CTAs they clicked;
  • their location;
  • history of conversation with your company on different channels.

It will help your marketingsales, and support personalize customer experience.

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Customer data in a card
Engagements results in a lis of leads to manage

Manage and segment customer data

Don’t miss a deal in loads of leads after Dashly implementation.

  • Access all the collected data on a customer in a leads card.
  • Segment leads data base with management features like tags, events, and properties.
  • Integrate the platform with your tech stack to transfer leads to a CRM and vice versa.

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No developers needed

Bring your wildest customer engagement ideas to life in visual builders within 5 minutes.

customer engagement
engage visitors to target action

Email builder

customer engagement

Unleash the power of Dashly platform automation for omni channel customer engagement

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Take your ideas to the next level

marketing automation campaigns

Shared inbox to answer customer requests from a messenger, social media, live chat, and email in one place

marketing automation campaigns

Launch multi-step campaigns with marketing automation

push notifications in mobile

Engage your mobile app users with push notifications


Let customers find answers in a knowledge base


Collect data with visitors behavior tracking


Real-time reports to track data on your campaign's performance

Dashly live engagement platform in action

Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer engagement platform?

It is an online product that helps your marketingsales, and support deliver best-in-class customer engagement via in-time messaging.

Among its main features are lead data capture chatbots, pop-ups, API integrations with your tech stack, push notifications, and chat to provide customer engagement on social, messenger, website, or email channels.

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What are the must have features of an ideal engagement software?

When choosing a customer engagement solution check if it has:

  • triggered messaging features like pop-up, chatbots, email, and push notifications;
  • co-browsing live chat or an opportunity to start a video or voice conversation as an alternative;
  • mobile optimization of all the mentioned features;
  • visitors behavior tracking;
  • visual builders to launch campaigns without developers;
  • SDK app for live agents to support customer on the go;
  • Facebook WhatsApp business integrations - ready-made or via API;
  • integration with your CRM;
  • ready-made templates.

How much does Dashly service cost?

There are three paid plans in Dashly:

  • Conversation $39/mo.
  • Support $79/mo.
  • Marketing is $109 per month.

As you may have noticed there is no agent seat limit, so you can invite them to work with your marketing, sales, and support team. But first, test the platform 7-days free or try a forever free plan.

Who can benefit from Dashly customer engagement solutions?

Customer support agents can

  • share product stories knowledge base;
  • assist via live messaging in a website chat and on social or messenger;
  • manage all these channels requests in a shared inbox;
  • use canned replies;
  • implement a support chatbot answering FAQs during non-working hours;
  • deliver support on the go with chat SDK applications.

Marketing managers can

Sales agents understand who are they talking to, what they need, and consult customers on the best solution using the channels where your prospects are.

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