What is a chatbot for sales?

A chatbot for sales is a computer program that simulates a conversation with human users to assist with the sales process 24/7. It can qualify leads, provide product information, recommend them, and help schedule appointments or follow-up calls.

chatbot example

The chatbot uses natural language processing, machine learning techniques, or pre-defined answer options to understand and respond to customer requests.

Such chatbots have become increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes as a way to:

  • save sales managers time to focus on important deals,  
  • align marketing and sales efforts, 
  • improve customer engagement,
  • provide personalized customer experience,
  • automate repetitive tasks,
  • grow revenue.

How can chatbots for sales assist with the sales process?


Here are some ways in which chatbots for sales can reduce the workload of your team and help customers:

  • Capture and qualify leads to route the hottest ones to the sales reps and let marketing nurture the others.
  • Share personalized product recommendations. Chatbots for sales can be set up to learn more about customers' needs and recommend products or services based on their preferences and history. With this feature, businesses boost sales and raise customer satisfaction rate.
chatbot for sales that recommends products
  • Assign conversations to a relevant sales manager that can help with the customer’s particular issue. 
  • Assist with the purchase process or share product information. Set up a chatbot to specify pricing details, product availability, and its features. It saves customers time and gives them all the necessary info to complete a purchase.

chatbot for sales that helps users
  • Schedule meetings or follow-up calls with your sales reps. The chatbot will be a convenient tool for customers to book time slots and eventually help you increase sales.
qualifying chatbot for sales
  • Deal with FAQs, such as "What are your business hours?" or "How do I place an order?". By automating this task, you save your sales reps hours of routine work, so they can focus on more complicated tasks, such as closing deals or dispelling customer doubts.
  • Collect data automatically and analyze. A sales chatbot can qualify leads, thus, giving your team plenty of insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This feature allows you to approach potential customers with personalized offers and increase the chance of a successful deal. 

This way, our EdTech customer earned $145k with chatbots.

The team set up a chatbot to qualify and capture leads, so the sales reps had as much data about a potential customer as possible. It resulted in +$145k revenue from landing pages that barely converted any visitors before Dashly chatbots.

Example of a qualifying chatbot of E-learn

Sounds cool, heh? You can hire an expensive developer to create such a chatbot for your website or… create it in a visual builder without writing a line of code yourself.

How to create sales chatbot

In Dashly, you don't need to know a code or hire a developer to create it. Our platform offers a visual builder and ready-made, customizable templates to design a desired sales chatbot flow within 10 minutes 👇

  1. Define your goal. You can create a chatbot that captures leads, asks users for feedback, notifies current customers about company updates, offers additional products, etc. 
  2. Click the chatbot section on the Dashly platform. If you’ve never created a chatbot, use one of the ready-made templates. 
  3. Customize a chatbot flow according to your goals. 
  4. Choose relevant triggers that activate your chatbot, timeouts and the audience that will see it. 
  5. Make sure your new scenario doesn't interrupt the others that already work on your website. Check out how to do it in a short guide
  6. Test the chatbot and launch it. 
  7. Keep track of the conversion and revenue growth. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, optimize the scenario: change the audience segment, offer in the chatbot, or timeout. Follow your customer’s way and fix the bottlenecks. 
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