How you can improve customer support through message editing

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How you can improve customer support through message editing

No one is immune to mistakes. Even experienced support agents can make them when communicating with customers in a live chat, let alone newcomers and interns. The quality of customer service and reputation may suffer because of this.

What should you do if someone accidentally sent a poop emoji to a user in a live chat? Or disclosed confidential information to a customer? Or wrote mistaken information about an important release?

You can feel calm about these and other similar failures as now you can delete and edit messages in Dashly!

Now agents can edit and delete any message they’ve ever sent. Simply hover over the message in the conversation, and the pencil and bin icons will appear next to it. You can also edit your messages by pressing the up arrow on your keyboard. Yeap, just like that, very simple.

message editing and deleting in dashly
Hover over the message to see buttons for editing and deleting

Note: Customers cannot edit or delete their messages.

Did you know you can “peek” as a user types a message before they send it? The message appears in a conversation when the user has just started typing, and an animated ellipsis at the end tells you that the user is not finished yet. Isn’t it just exciting?

Deleted messages do not disappear just like that: we keep a mark that the message was deleted. Both agents and your users can see it. If you hover over a message, you can see when it was sent and deleted (or edited).

message deleting
Here’s what a deleted message looks like, when you hover it you can see when it was deleted.
message editing
When hovering over a message, you can see when it was edited.

Note: your user will see if a message was edited or deleted.

If you are discussing important details in a conversation with a customer, it may be better to send a separate message that you were wrong and then send a corrected version. Otherwise, an important conversation with many edited messages may cause mistrust or, to make things worse, a customer will read the original version but won’t notice that something was changed. Let us also give you a couple of technical notes: message editing and deletion are not supported in our integration with social media and email. You can read more about all the details of editing and deleting messages in the article in our knowledge base.

Note: in case an agent responded to the customer from live chat to email or social media and the message has already been sent, it cannot be deleted or edited.

Customer communication continues to be 100% transparent. The support lead can go through conversations at any time, monitor the support quality, and see which messages were edited or deleted. Rest assured, agents won’t be able to hide anything from customers nor supervisors.

Have warm customer conversations and let no small mistake bring you down.

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