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The plan depends on your traffic

unique visitors per month

per month
Chat operators
Web Pushes (soon)
Emails per month

Every plan contains

Online chat
Pop-up forms
Email campaigns
Web pushes (soon)
Marketing automation
Web analytics with A/B tests
eCRM with data about every website visitor
Free chat support and knowledge base

Additional features

Email builder (soon)
Conversation and operators report
Unique domain name
Additional email pack
$0.3 for 1000 emails

Frequently asked questions

How do plans differ?

The plan choice depends on your website traffic. Estimate how many unique visitors your website has and choose the right plan. The functionality doesn’t differ among the plans.

How do we count unique visitors?

Unique visitors are visitors with a certain set of parameters: cookies, OS and browser types.
We count a visitor with the same paraments only once, during his next visits, he won’t be considered unique (no charge for him) until this set of parameters doesn’t change.

What if the number of unique visitors exceeds the limit?

No worries, the platform will continue working. You will receive the invoice for the overrun by the end of the paid period or you will be offered to upgrade your plan.

Payment for the overrun:
Plan up to 1000 visitors - $0,04 per unique visitor
Plan up to 5000 visitors - $0,02 per unique visitor
Plan up to 10000 visitors - $0,015 per unique visitor
Plan up to 25000 visitors - $0,012 per unique visitor
Plan up to 50000 visitors - $0,01 per unique visitor

аыкxdfvfWhat happens if the number of unique visitors will be more than the limit in the chosen plan?

What if I have several websites?

You can connect all your websites to your account and switch between them easily in the admin panel. The script should be installed for every website separately, they also have their own settings and group of operators/administrators. Each website should be paid separately.
If you have several websites on one domain, we recommend you to install one script for them and pay for one website only.

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