What is Utterance?

Anything that users say or type as a request. For example, if a user types "show me yesterday's political news," the entire sentence is the utterance.

Это alias block. Задайте ID блока-оригинала.

When developing and training a chatbot, it's essential to put as many utterances as possible. The more utterances a chatbot knows, the more chance it will understand a user and properly reply to them.

Utterances are closely connected to intents. Intents refer to what exactly the user's utterance means. It would be best if you created different variations of the possible user utterances.

When creating utterances, consider the following guidelines:

  • Create utterances of different lengths; short sentences, medium, and longer sentences.
  • Change the words and also the length of phrases.
  • Vary the placement of the entity. You might want to place the entity and the start, middle, and end of the utterance. This will allow the bot to understand better the context in which to expect the entity.
  • Mix the grammar up.
  • Pluralization.
  • Stemming.
  • Punctuation. Use punctuation in some instances and bad grammar in some other cases. Anticipate the way your audience might speak.

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