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Training — Dashly Chatbot Glossary

Chatbot training is based on a data set and can be applied in different ways. For example, it can be going through the backlog of user input and improving the intent matching.

There are several tips on chatbot training:

  • Define specific use cases. You need to define what problems you want to solve with the chatbot.
  • Make sure your intents are distinct. This will primarily affect how the chatbot will understand what people want and perform in the way it is supposed to be. By the way, make sure that each intent contains many utterances.
  • Create a diverse team. People from different divisions will see intents from different angles, so the possibility that chatbot will understand users grows.
  • Add personality.

Training is a process that can never be stopped. All the chatbots have room to improve. That is why the training process is endless.