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Messenger Chatbot — Dashly Chatbot Glossary

Messenger Chatbot is integrated into messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. These bots understand what was asked and formulate the response in the way a human would develop it. The focus of these bots is to conduct customer service:

  • Automate the support process. You can add quick replies to some trigger words, and the chatbot will answer to the user by itself. What's more, they can do this 24/7;
  • Sell without a support agent. Messenger chatbot will ask questions to the user and then suggest a relevant product. For this, you need to create a chatbot campaign;
  • Segment users. It can ask users qualifying questions, segment users, and pass them to marketers, who will create personalized campaigns;
  • Entertain customers. They can send quizzes, GIFs, etc. So, users will get a great experience.

Basically, this is a usual chatbot with its functions integrated into messenger. The biggest advantage of the Messenger Chatbot is that this chatbot is more close and related to the user than a chatbot on your website.