What Is Leadbot?

Leadbot is a chatbot whose primary job is to collect and preliminarily qualify leads on your website.
In addition to lead generation, Chatbot provides other functions. There are the most important of them:

  • Book meetings. Chatbot can send a Calendly link to users so that you will be able to schedule meetings without live chat agents involvement;

  • Route conversations to agents. Chatbots can answer users by themselves or passes the control over chat to the relevant human agent;

  • Qualify leads. Since Chatbots collect the info about website visitors and leads, they will help with the information systematization, so that it would be easier to customize sales.

  • Simplify agents' work. Chatbot has a set of possible answers on users' responses and can assign the conversation to an agent if needed.

How does it work?

Triggered by some actions that users commit on a website, Chatbot sends relevant messages.

Here is an example of the Chatbot conversation flow:
To create a leadbot you need to make up structure and bot replies and choose events that will trigger Leadbot.

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