What is an intent in the context of a chatbot?

The intent is the goal customers follow when sending a question or comment in chat. It's what they mean or looking for when starting a conversation with a bot. For example, a "show me yesterday's political news" phrase intent is that the user wishes to read a list of political headlines.
The bot's ability to "understand" intent determines the success of the interaction. For a chatbot to be good at this, it must:

  1. Be programmed and trained using many training phrases

  2. Has machine learning feature to advance and improve constantly

In communication, intents can be thought of as the root verbs in the dialogue, such as "Do you have winter boots?" phrase translating to purchasing boots.

To train a chatbot, you have to create at least 10-20 training phrases.

For example, "I want sushi" trains your agent to recognize customer expressions that are similar to that phrase, like "Get a sushi" or "Order sushi."

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