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Human Fallback — Dashly Chatbot Glossary

There are situations when a chatbot can't assist a user's request. So, the last one gets an "I'm afraid I can't answer your question. My teammate will contact you shortly" message. The control over chat goes to human agents, or they answer user questions later via email, messenger.

There are four scenarios when you should consider implementing Chatbot to human fallback:

  • The customer query is too complicated. It can be irrelevant queries or the relevant, which you haven't included in the chatbot-training program.
  • Urgent request. A situation when a user has an issue shortly before the departure of a bus or a plane. Such queries need to be resolved promptly.
  • User choice. Some people feel uncomfortable sharing information with bots. So give your customer a choice option to talk to a human or a bot. It's a great way to introduce a new chatbot to your customer base.
  • Leads qualification. There are the kinds of leads you want to hold on to when they visit your site. Chatbot can capture their attention, qualify, and send them off to an agent instantly.

Taking over the conversation, the agent sees the chat history and the context of the request.