What is Flow-Based Chatbot?

Also known as rule-based or decision-tree bots guide website visitors through the pre-defined sequence of messages, step by step. So, the conversation, as well as its possible results, is already mapped out. All that user should do is to click one of the answer buttons. Choosing any of them triggers the next chatbot message.
But there is no open conversation here. Except for the asked data, this bot won't react to user text.

Flow-based chatbots advantages:

  • Flow-based chatbots are easy to train." If/then" logic based list of questions and relevant answers options is what everyone can do.
  • Easy training of rule-based bots simultaneously reduces implementation costs.
  • The rule-based bots are highly accountable and secure.
  • A rule-based approach also enables faster implementation of bots. Unlike AI bots, rule-based bots do not need to wait for years to gather data analyzed by algorithms to understand customer problems and provide solutions.

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