Main Glossary

Conversational UX — Dashly Chatbot Glossary

It is a process of humanizing a chatbot to create a feeling of a conversation with a real person that helps business to:

  • Increase familiarity
  • Gain customers trust
  • Set one's brand tone
  • Personalize conversations with target audience

Best Practices of Conversational UX

  1. Clear guidance on what to do (e.g., a "take this quiz" button, relevant CTA, no dabble meaning)
  2. Strong sense of orientation, such as a progress bar or summary of selections.
  3. No overload. The system presents one question at a time or otherwise makes it easy to respond to or use.
  4. Anticipation of the user needs tooltips, messages, or field labels.
  5. Conversational interaction are as natural as possible

To provide the realization of these and other practices, Dashly offers a wide range of flexible settings for Leadbot messages. Please, find more details on its landing page.