What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbot is an app that imitates a human in a text or audio conversation with users on websites, messaging/mobile apps, or telephone. It can be NLP based or scripted chatbots. A chatbot uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to understand the human language and reply to users accordingly.
There are many synonyms for Chatbot, including "leadbot", "talkbot", "bot," "IM bot," "interactive agent", or "artificial conversation entity." (investopedia.com)

How do companies use chatbots?

  • Chatbot helps businesses to collect registration data, consult, answer frequently asked questions, etc. They make interactions with services faster and more straightforward, generating better experiences for the user.
  • Simplify online shopping and payment processes. They provide information and solve the problems that customers have throughout the purchase decision process.

  • Chatbots also perform searches, provide similar products.

  • Send info and company news in an automated way to customers and potential buyers.

  • Qualify and generate leads. Chatbot captures essential user information such as phone, email into CRM. Sales representatives use this data for follow-ups on the conversation. Lead qualification function of the Chatbot assumes asking questions and evaluating the website visitors' responses. Thus, you can filter and only send the most valuable leads to your sales team.

  • Appointments and Reservations management. Chatbots automate these processes by displaying availability on a calendar and taking the date selection. In Dashly, this function is provided by the integration with Calendly.

  • Build trust and improve engagement. Chatbots show your commitment to customer experience.

  • Customer support. Chatbots are available 24/7 on social networks, apps, and websites. One chatbot can provide immediate answers to simultaneous users at once.

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