What Is Chatbot Platform?

Chatbot platform or Chatbot builder is software that allows a business to create and launch a chatbot with no coding skills usually.
According to predetermined scenarios, you build automated messages:

  • onboarding new product users,
  • supporting customers,
  • processing orders,
  • notifying them about the company news,
  • sending promo messages,
  • quizzes.

Their main benefits are that it allows you with no code skills to create chatbots that can be integrated through your existing workflows.

In Dashly leadbot builder, you can create a sequence of text messages that has branches of possible answers:

There are 5 easy steps to create a chatbot with Dashly:

  1. Craft content
  2. Set triggers where and when it should work (time delay, website page URL(s)
  3. Choose the audience (all visitors, second-time visitors, people whose contacts you already have, etc)
  4. Settings for A/B testing if needed
  5. Check and launch chatbot
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