What is AI-powered Chatbot?

AI-powered Chatbots provide a more natural, near human-level communication. With natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), they understand the human's intent by context. It is an attempt to recreate a human assistant.
How does this work?

During each interaction with the audience, they learn and become smarter. A chatbot can pull bits and pieces from previous interactions and infer answers to future questions.

The ones bot was never explicitly programmed to answer. So AI chatbots create a kind of increasing data backlog.

How chatbots use AI to assist your customers:

  • Contextual information. Chatbots can tailor their conversations with users based on the content they access and read on your company's site. If a user visits several pages focused on a specific service you offer, for example, the Chatbot can infer that they're primarily interested in that service. Then, it can begin the conversation with content that's relevant to that service.
  • Prepare Your Agents for High-impact Conversations. AI-chatbots can handle the initial steps of greeting and engaging with a customer and then passing a conversation to a human support agent. AI chatbot can initiate the conversation and then ask for the details a support agent needs to assist the user. It can be the user's order or account number, payment details, and contact information.
    Thus, when a support agent steps in, they'll already have the background information they need to assist the customer.
  • Route Inquiries to the Appropriate People. In large support teams routing tickets can be challenging. With NLP's help, AI chatbot can "understand" what users are looking for and what information they'll need before their inquiry can be resolved. Then, it can determine which of your support agents to assign to that ticket.
  • Offer Preemptive Support. AI chatbot can track the fact that customers tend to ask questions about a specific feature roughly three days into the onboarding process. Then it might begin conversations at that point in the customer journey with information about that feature. This ensures that they don't stop using your product simply because of a lack of knowledge.

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