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Dashly tracks unique visitors using cookies. That means several visits from one person will be counted as one
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Business chat
Best for direct messaging: sales on the website, support in the product
200 emails/mo
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Key features:

Live chat

Facebook + email integration

Ideal for advanced messaging: Lead qualification, onboarding campaigns, nurturing sequences, and analytics
500 emails/mo
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Everything in Business-chat plus:

Get expert traction and have our implementation specialists help you set up advanced messaging
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Everything in Automation plus:

Dedicated account manager

Dedicated customer support

Personalized training sessions

Ongoing health-checks and product consultations

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Frequently asked questions

Nope, you can fire the Leadbot workflow as many times as you need. This limit means that on the Business chat plan, you have only one Leadbot setting - workflow. One workflow could contain several questions and options to answer. This plan will suit small businesses who want to greet and qualify new visitors to their website.
It is included in both plans. The Business chat allows you to fire 1 Leadbot workflow. With the Automation, you may start an unlimited number of Leadbot workflows.
Both plans have unlimited Leadbot workflows. On the Enterprise, you have a dedicated account manager who helps you to build workflows for your business specifically.
A triggered message is a one question/statement message via live chat, pop-up, or email. Leadbot is a workflow of several questions with options to answer. Leadbot does not need answers to be typed in; just clicking the buttons leads to better conversion rates.
Every business has a segmented customer base. Each customer segment has particular interests and values. That means you have a value proposition for each of the audience. It is better to welcome a new visitor from a specific audience segment with a targeted message and questions workflow. The more detailed and targeted customer communication you have, the more Leadbot workflows you need.
  • The chatbot will be able to send a meeting invitation so that customers can pick a time slot without chatting with a support or sales agent.
  • The chatbot will make it possible to send articles from your knowledge base (built with Dashly).
  • The chatbot will be able to welcome people in the chat window after they click on a chat icon (right now, Leadbot is a triggered feature)
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