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saas map

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saas map

Trigger scenario map for SaaS

Collect and qualify leads, book meetings, route conversations to agents, streamline the sales
— all with chatbot service

Choose a segment of your visitors and set Leadbot to ask them questions to involve them in conversation

Track leads' behavior, and engage the ones you need

Qualify your visitors with questions and possible answers

Route conversations to agents or support groups and salespeople

Leave easy questions for the chatbot, so your agents can focus on high-value leads and sales
Dashly team will help you to migrate your data, create campaigns and support your team
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What else does leadbot support?

Add pics and files to messages
Provide up to
10 possible answers
Collect contacts while building your audience
Demo booking via
Calendly integration
Send articles from knowledge base
Library with tips, e‑books and checklists you can use right now
Knowledge base with answers to every question
Case studies