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Chatbot Glossary

If you are just getting started with a leadbot software or Dashly in general, you might have a problem with all those new words. We have put together a complete list of a leadbot terminology.

A study of how to produce machines with some of the qualities that...

An NLP and ML based chatbots that understand the human's intent by context.

A support or sales manager who takes over a chat when there is a need ...

A call-center metric that shows the average time a chatbot spent on each...

A software that allows a business to create and launch a chatbot with no coding skills usually.

An app that imitates a human in a text or audio conversation with users ...

A study on improving chatbot text or voice interactions to provide a more natural...

A structure of chatbot messages and possible user responses/reactions.

A chatbot feature when a human agent takes control for replying to user queries in chat from a bot.

A chatbot that guides website visitors through the pre-defined sequence of messages.

The goal customers follow when sending a question or comment in chat.

A technology that allows interaction with human voice and its recognition...

A chatbot whose primary job is to collect and preliminarily qualify leads on your website.

An algorithm to allow programs to learn automatically without human.

A program that is integrated into a messenger that is programmed to...

A branch of AI that helps computers understand, interpret, and generate...

The ability to determine human intent.

Pre-defined responses that chatbots offer to their users.

A ticket is a communication thread between customers and customer service.

A process of improving the chatbot's capability to handle user queries.

A data set that is aimed to train a machine learning algorithm.

Anything that users say or type as a request.

An application that communicates with customers using voice recognition...