Dashly live chat update: communication is getting more convenient

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Dashly live chat update: communication is getting more convenient

As you know, Dashly’s key goal is to make communication between businesses and customers as accessible and seamless as possible. One of our primary tools for it is a live chat

We’re happy to announce a few updates that will make communication in the chat more convenient and pleasant both for you and your website visitors.

Now you can:

  • see the date of the conversation in the widget; 
  • scroll to the most recent messages in one click.

Also, all the messages from one user are grouped together to save space. 

Compare the old and new versions here 👇

live chat update one
The previous version of the live chat is on the left, the newest on is on the right

In addition, our team made a few changes in the design too. Check out the message bubbles, buttons, text fields, and feedback session. Here’s before and after to see the difference 👇

live chat update two
The previous version is on the left, the newest one is on the right

Check out these updates in your live chat widget and let us know what you think about them. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Communicate with customers on your website in a convenient live chat widget

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