Zoom and Calendly are integrated straight into the Dashly live chat

Instant face-to-face communication with your customers, now from the live chat
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When you are chatting with your customers and understand it's time for a call, send an invitation button straight in the chat conversation within 2 clicks
Jump into a call right from Dashly live chat. Launch video meetings with your customers in seconds
Your customers will join the call by one click
Everyone stays on the same tab
Are you scheduling a lot of meetings? Forget about back and forth messages with Calendly integration.
Schedule a meeting
with a customer in two clicks
Offer a range of time slots to pick from. Calendly widget opens right in the chat.
All reminders are done automatically by Calendly. Everyone is on time.
Our support agents used to spend around 10 minutes in a chat with a customer to find the perfect slot.
Now it happens within 30 seconds.
Human communication is getting more valuable. Customers want to know sellers better. Sellers want to build the relationship. It starts in Dashly live chat. Next, schedule calls and meetings. Do it right from the chat with Zoom and Calendly integrations.
Your customers want to talk to you
When is it time to jump on a call?
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Get the feedback
Hold a customer interview

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