Dashly messenger to improve customer satisfaction

Support visitors on your website, users inside your product and in mobile app.
Customer satisfaction is the key!
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Talk to customers in any channel

Unite chat, email, social media and messengers in one place to communicate with customers.
Don't miss a message from your visitors from different channels -  they are all in Dashly!

Start personalized conversations proactively

Send triggered messages:
On landing pages to capture leads
In a blog to to get your readers to subscribe
According to lead attributes (UTM, country, source, etc.)
To return a visitor who is leaving your website
After sign up to onboard users

Speed up your response time by having all data about your customers in one spot

All data about leads is kept in personal cards. You always know whether they have signed up or not, what features they have already tried and when you can offer to upgrade.

Organize team work with conversations distributed among channels

All conversations from visitors are automatically allocated among channels. When communications are in order, the work is more effective and efficient.

The fastest support to increase sales

Reply faster and more effectively by sending articles from the Knowledge base right in the Inbox

Measure results of your teams to improve customer satisfaction

Monitor the response time andcheck the team workload within days, weeks and number of questions solved. Improve your support team based on data.
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What our clients say about Dashly

Install Dashly messenger on your website within minutes

GDPR approved
Tiny JavaScript snippet
One script to power live chat, messaging and analytics. Copy and paste it within a minute without developers.
Native SDK
Include Android SDK in your mobile apps to see users' actions, communicate automatically and provide real-time instant messaging.
iOS SDK coming soon.