Cut your response time with customer support chatbots

Let proactive chatbots assist potential customers to save your support team time

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Create proactive customer support with chatbot

Greet visitors automatically

Welcome chatbot provides website visitors with personalized support, so you get long-lasting loyalty in return.

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Answer questions 24/7

Answer questions around the clock and on days off. Let your chatbots support customers when you're offline.


Automate answering frequently asked questions

Quickly answer common questions to save time for both clients and agents. Moreover, you can route users' request to responsible team automatically.

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Get feedback and boost customer support with chatbots

Launch surveys and get feedback. Analyze poor-rated answers and find possibilities to boost your service.


Help your marketing and sales teams win more deals in less time

Predict client's requests and solve them instantly

Get complete information about website visitors and their activities. Use data to solve potential problems proactively. Set support chatbots to help clients right when they need it.

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Get relief from the IVR

No one likes using interactive voice response (IVR) during phone calls. It is a time-consuming and annoying tool with poor personalization.

Chatbots for customer service is a great alternative to IVR system. Instant answers without waiting or choosing options will indeed improve user satisfaction.

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Use customer service chatbots to guide clients and scale revenue

Send targeted notifications to the right user segments. Or proactively remind users that the trial is coming to the end and help to choose the most suitable plan.

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Set a seamless transition between the customer service chatbot and human agents

The right balance between live chat and chatbots can help to deliver better customer support. Having offered a hybrid support, you are both able to unchain the support team and offer qualified services to your leads.

Automate your social media support

Manage with users' requests on social media with customer support chatbots. Social chatbots can seamlessly carry conversations with users, with the purpose of assisting them.

They can also help in building stronger relationships with clients by delivering targeted content and anticipating user reactions.

Minimize Customer Support Costs

Thanks to customer chatbots, your business can save expenses that accrue on hiring more agents, providing support training, or scaling agents' software accounts. Setting a customer service chatbot can handle numerous simultaneous conversations and deal with an increased volume of customer requests while keeping the costs under control.

Scale your service without scaling the team

Customers support chatbots can engage in endless conversations, no matter of time and volume. So chatbots in customer service can help you improve business productivity without any extra costs and resources.

Very soon: chatbot in messengers

We are constantly improving the product. Soon you will be able to use the chatbot not only on the website, but also in messengers.

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