Use chatbots to interact with more visitors and short your sales cycle
Focus your sales team on important deals only
Qualify leads and stay focused on hot ones
The sales team's chatbot will automatically collect, segment, and qualify leads. So a sales manager no longer has to waste hours on tire kickers.
Drive sales conversions in real time with chatbots
Hand over answering frequently asked questions to chatbots
Quickly answer common questions to save your team's time. Route more difficult requests to responsible team automatically.
Push customers to purchase
Show sales chatbots to the ready-to-buy user segments. Proactively remind users that the trial expires and help to choose the most suitable plan.
Collect leads at night and on weekends
Don't lose hot leads during weekends and days-off. Get +20% revenue without extra investments. Just trust chatbot to collect leads for sale team!
Schedule meetings with hot leads automatically
Get hot leads from social media
Enrich CRM with customer's data automatically
Just imagine, your visitors can book meetings by themselves. No more long chats about suitable slots and technical equipment. Sales chatbot delivers to an agent all the event details right after a user request.
Manage users' requests on socials with sales chatbots. They'll seamlessly carry conversations with users, qualify leads and route hot ones to the sales team. As a result, you don't need to hire extra agents to handle social media traffic.
This chatbot superpower is a vital for sales team. Use it to enrich customer's CRM profile with the information from visitors answers to a chatbot automatically.
Scale your service without scaling the team
Customers support chatbots can engage in endless conversations, no matter of time and volume. So chatbots in customer service can help you improve business productivity without any extra costs and resources.
Set a seamless transition between the sales chatbot and human agents
The right balance between live chat and chatbots can help to reduce cost and boost your revenue. Having offered a hybrid approach, you are both able to unchain agents and expand your sales funnel.
Be among the first users who'll test new chatbot.
We are constantly improving the product. Soon you will be able to use the chatbot not only on the website, but also in messengers.
Very soon: chatbot in messengers
Create your best chatbot to boost the sales team efficiency
Ready-to-use campaign ideas with a chatbot