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Dashly is here to support you in fighting against COVID-19


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  2. Give a helping hand to those who fight COVID-19
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COVID-19 is changing the world. We have “before” and “now”. We have more remote than ever. The world is moving to online like never before. More and more teams need customer communication service. Dashly team is here to help you run your new business. We are here to fight the virus. We are here to support you. If you have any questions, please, write to us, we’ll be happy to help, resolve any issue, talk about your doubts or simply have a conversation about the changes each of us is experiencing.

We want you to stay safe, we want you to grow strong despite any crisis. We want each business overcome the difficulties, and we are ready to support you.

We have several updates that will help you use our service more effectively and maintain a better customer communication.


Now everyone feels uncertain about the future. We understand you, and we want you to feel more comfortable in the current situation. Dashly provides discounts for every new client, so that you can start using Dashly easier. Anti-coronavirus prices for customer communication are available until June 1st. Go to our Pricing page to choose a plan. Alternatively, you can always write to us in chat. We’ll help you.

Dashly provides discounts for every new client until June 1st. Discount depends on your subscription:
Monthly — 30% (for the first two months);
Yearly — 50% (20% since the second year and forever).

Whenever you have a doubt, please write to us in chat. Our team will tell you how we can help in your situation, we will never leave you alone.

Give a helping hand to those who fight COVID-19

We highly appreciate the everyday efforts of people who fight the virus. The best way we can help all the social and non-profit organisations who help us overcome the pandemic is to provide Dashly for free.

These include:

  • Social organizations that help people who keep to social distancing
  • Medical organizations
  • People and companies that provide psychological support
  • Non-profit organizations that help fight COVID-19

It means that you can use our customer communication tools — live chat, pop-up windows and e-mails — to stay connected to your audience, keep them informed and calm. 

Please, write to us in live chat if you want to have free access.

Sharing is caring

Besides, we’re working on solutions to make remote customer communication faster, cheaper and more convenient. Here are the new integrations in Dashly that’ll help all Dashly users be closer to their users, customers and audience.


Speed up e-meetings scheduling! If you chat with your customer and understand that it’s time for another type of communication – a call, then don’t send messages back and forth discussing the perfect day and time. Send them a link to your Calendly schedule right in your chat. The person you are chatting with doesn’t have to leave your site: they can choose a perfect time slot right in the chat window on your website. 

The integration is already available. Connect Dashly and Calendly.


There are some cases when a chat conversation is not enough. For example, you get stuck in discussion using words only and need to call to make a demonstration of something. If you and your customer are ready for a call, create a Zoom meeting right away with the help of this integration.

You don’t need to ask for a Skype ID or phone number, your user doesn’t have to log in anywhere — just push the button in the service, and you both are ready to talk. It is that simple.

We hope your team becomes closer to your customers during these remote days.

Read more about Zoom integration in our article.

Qualification bot

When your inbox is overwhelmed with the number of users and their questions, you might be afraid to lose customers. Don’t panic, a new bot by Dashly is here to help you. It’s created to qualify your leads and customers: the bot will automatically ask them a few questions and according to their answers provide some information or connect to an operator. Your team will be focusing on complex cases only. Meanwhile you won’t lose leads that are left without attention.

Read more about Dashly Leadbot in this article.

We provide these features to all Dashly users for free until September 1st.

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