Increase the number of quality lead encounters. Reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Hire a qualifying bot and AI SDR.

Designed for CMOs and CROs in B2C industries focused on enhancing the inbound funnel

  • No extra marketing costs
  • No additional expense for SDR managers
  • Don't waste time on implementation
80‑90% of leads complete the qualification process
Lead engagement into a conversation reaches 50‑60%
2‑3x SDR manager expense reduction

Fill your pipeline with target accounts

Identify accounts more likely to convert into purchases, segment them accordingly, and communicate the prioritized leads to the sales team, enabling them to close more deals.

Achieve an 80-90% qualification success rate with

Qualification Bot

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no code integrated into your website

Accelerate sales cycle with AI SDR

AI SDR engages your visitors in conversations and provides instant responses to their inquiries, leveraging the company’s knowledge base or predefined scripts. It works just like your top-performing representative.

AI SDR engages 50-60% of leads

Available 24/7

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2x sales team productivity

Create lead profiles and prioritise whom to talk first based on their qualification responses. Get recommendations on what to discuss with target accounts based on their dialog with AI SDR.

2-3x reduction in lead processing time

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2x sales team productivity

NoCode integration with your website and CRM

Get all the data about potential customers in your CRM without writing a single line of code:

  • Tracking data on a website
  • Lead profile with relevant data
  • Priority level for lead processing
  • Recommendation on how to work with a lead
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NoCode integration with your website and CRM
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Know everything about your customer with leads database: research and segment it

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