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Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.
Price depends on MUV (month unique visitors),
includes Unlimited Seats and Contacts
— Customer communication
— Leads data
— Automation
— Analytics
— All integrations
Forever free
Up to 1000 MUV
Includes 2 seats, Team Inbox
— Live chat
— Team Inbox
— In-app+email notifications
— Lead card with basic data
— Dashly mobile apps
— Knowledge base Basic
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Full feature list for All-in-one
Live chat

Team Inbox

Mobile app (IOS, Android)

App and email notifications

Groups of operators

Conversations distribution

Assign and hold conversations

Notes to teammates

Working hours

Conversation report

Email forwarding

Facebook + Viber + telegram integration

SDK for mobile apps

Knowledge base
Leads data

Lead card with basic data

Lead card with custom data

Leads segmentation

Lead tags

Lead import end export

Manual pop-ups

Manual email campaigns

Manual chat messages

Data tracking

Custom events tracking
with no code

Open API, Webhooks,
JS tracking
Marketing automation
Triggered pop-ups

Triggered email campaigns

Triggered chat messages

Triggered Webhook

Pop-up builder

Email builder

A/B testing

Experiments with control groups

Campaign reports

Email scheduling

Template collections

Ready-made auto messages

Custom email domain


Customer journey funnels

Events report

Visitors live tracking

Weekly statistics

Customer communication
Customizable live chat on your website. In free and All-in-one Plan
Answer on-the-go. In free and All-in-one Plan
Stay tuned for all important in-app actions. In free and All-in-one Plan
Divide your support team into several groups to simplify the dialogue appointment. In All-in-one Plan
This tool helps you distribute conversations into channels by segments and topics. In All-in-one Plan
Pause and resume conversations. In All-in-one Plan
Leave notes to your teammates to create a common context. In All-in-one Plan
Could be used to ease the conversation if there is several participants. In All-in-one Plan
Make a schedule with working hours of each operator in your team. In All-in-one Plan
Integrate your inbox with messengers to keep closer to your target audience. In All-in-one Plan
All conversations, useful tools and user data in one inbox. In free and All-in-one Plan
Find the rooms for improvement in your support team. In All-in-one Plan
Engage and support you mobile app users via Dashly SDK. In All-in-one Plan
Keep all data about your product in one convenient way. In All-in-one Plan
Keep all the leads data in one place and use it for segmentation and triggered communication. In All-in-one Plan
Collect any data about your users' actions on the website and keep it in a personalized user profile. In All-in-one Plan
Build segments for personalized communication. In All-in-one Plan
Tag users and groups, build segments. In All-in-one Plan
Easily import and export you contact base and information about you users. In All-in-one Plan
Start data collection and deliver the value with ready-to-use chat messages, pop-up windows and emails. In All-in-one Plan
Keep your audience engaged with manual email campaings. In All-in-one Plan
Collect default data about users without any additional settings. In free and All-in-one Plan
Flexible infrastructure to apply Dashly for your specific needs. In All-in-one Plan
Start proactive communication with users on you website. In All-in-one Plan
Track user data easily with no code required. In All-in-one Plan
Track users' behaviour and attributes with no coding skills. In All-in-one Plan
Show pop-ups triggered by users' actions. In All-in-one Plan
Engage into a conversation with triggered chat messages. In All-in-one Plan
Integrate with any service. In All-in-one Plan
Build customized pop-ups just in 5 minutes without developers and designers. In All-in-one Plan
Use email builder to create emails that help your business grow. In All-in-one Plan
Use A/B testing to find message that works best. In All-in-one Plan
Automatically send personalized email campaings based on users' behaviour. In All-in-one Plan
Use ready-made messages to launch a campaign in 60 seconds. In All-in-one Plan
Get your personal email domain. In All-in-one Plan
Test new features on several of users to make data-based decisions. In All-in-one Plan
Use our beautiful ready-to-use email and pop-up templates to streamline your experiments. In All-in-one Plan
Check the campaign report and analyze the activities. In All-in-one Plan
Schedule email sending on a certain time and date. In All-in-one Plan
Analyze how website visitors become customers and improve the CJM. In All-in-one Plan
Check the report on users' activities. In All-in-one Plan
Track all visitors' actions in real time. In All-in-one Plan
Get the statistics and monitor your weekly progress. In All-in-one Plan
Keep all tools together for any time access. In All-in-one Plan
The plan choice depends on your website traffic. Estimate how many unique visitors your website has and choose the right plan. The functionality doesn't differ among the plans.
Frequently asked questions
How do plans differ?
How do we count unique visitors?
Unique visitors are visitors with a certain set of parameters: cookies, OS and browser types.
We count a visitor with the same paraments only once, during his next visits, he won't be considered unique (no charge for him) until this set of parameters doesn't change.
No worries, the platform will continue working. You will receive the invoice for the overrun by the end of the paid period or you will be offered to upgrade your plan.

Payment for the overrun:
Plan up to 1000 visitors - $0,04 per unique visitor
Plan up to 5000 visitors - $0,02 per unique visitor
Plan up to 10000 visitors - $0,02 per unique visitor
Plan up to 25000 visitors - $0,01 per unique visitor
Plan up to 50000 visitors - $0,009 per unique visitor
What if the number of unique visitors exceeds
the limit?
What if I have several websites?
You can connect all your websites to your account and switch between them easily in the admin panel. The script should be installed for every website separately, they also have their own settings and group of operators/administrators. Each website should be paid separately.
If you have several websites on one domain, we recommend you to install one script for them and pay for one website only.
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A monthly unique visitors who visit your site or open your app at once with a 30-days window. The unique visitors are determined by a cookie that lasts for a period of 1 year or until the visitor clear the browser cookie meant for websites.
What is unique visitor (MUV) and how
is it tracked?
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