How business advisory company Oy-li gained 5 000 new users after launching nurturing pop-ups and emails

Reading time: 24.06.2020
How business advisory company Oy-li gained 5 000 new users after launching nurturing pop-ups and emails

This is a story of how we configured triggered campaigns on the Oy-li website and nurtured their leads using Dashly.

The deep-dive team

About the customer

Oy-li helps companies develop sales departments from scratch or reconfigure them, educates business owners and department heads via hands-on training, and publishes books written by the company co-founder Kate. The company staff accounts for over 50 employees.

The company website (and their blog in particular) is the major sales channel where you can select the training program and sign up for the course. Basically, the sales funnel is as follows:

As for leads collection, the website has manual pop-ups on and banners inviting you to sign up for a free selling webinar.

The challenge

The conversion rate to signup decreased, and so did the number of training applications coming from the blog and the site as a whole.

The solution

First, marketer Jane wanted to deal with everything herself and manually test banners created by developers. But this approach was complex and required a great deal of time. She didn’t have enough time to do it on her own. So she started to look for a platform that would help her boost performance.

Why Dashly?

Jane needed an online assistant that would take some tasks off her and fix the conversion rate and the number of applications. What she found crucial was that the platform was easy to master and the strategy was scrupulously developed by real professionals.

I used to work in another company where we used Dashly. Though it didn’t last long, I remembered this was a great platform. After a while, I changed my job, and I got an urgent task to increase the conversion rates of our website and blog. I thought of Dashly. Everything in the platform was automated, so I decided this was the best tool I could use to accomplish my tasks

marketer at Oy-li

Since Jane didn’t have enough time to master the service and make up the hypotheses, she used the “deep dive” service. Our project manager Tony took lead on developing the strategy and acquisition channels. The project lasted from December 2019 to late February 2020.

The tasks

  • boost the conversion rate to signup;
  • boost website sales.

To deliver on these targets, Tony configured pop-ups, an email marketing, and a quiz using Dashly. And you’re about to find out if we managed to improve performance using them!

How we collected leads

We tested headlines

We used pop-ups with bonuses to collect new leads on the Oy-li website. We decided to test 2 offers: in option A, we offered to sign up for a free webinar, and in option B, we offered to increase sales by 30% and download free templates.

During one month, both web pop-ups performed nearly equally: the conversion rate of option A was 4,47%, while it was 4,79% for option B. On mobile, option B won big with the conversion rate of 11,98%, while the conversion rate of option A was only 6,39%. The total conversion rate to signup from these pop-ups was 0,96%.

This hypothesis didn’t work out as expected. The pop-up was shown 3 minutes after a user entered the website. However,users spent less time on the website, and they didn’t have a chance to see the pop-up. So the conversion rate was not high enough. We should also keep in mind the competition with the old pop-up that still works on the website.

Convert more visitors into buyers using these ready-made campaigns

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Convert more visitors into buyers using these ready-made campaigns
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Free consultation with our specialists: get more leads collected in 30 minutes

We experimented with formats

To attract the user, we decided to play with them. We implemented the animated button with a gift icon at the bottom of the screen. When a user clicked on it, we offered them to share their email in exchange for a free plan for their sales department.

The desktop version of the button.

30,83% of the audience shared their emails

Mobile version of the button

During the month, 30,83% of the audience who clicked the button in the web pop-up shared their emails. The conversation rate turned out to be higher on mobile: 55,93% of those who clicked shared their contact details.

Most likely, the button is simply more visible on the phone screen. It’s located in the lower hand corner on the desktop, and most of the audience simply didn’t see it.

We performed an express audit

To get users interested, we decided to use the quiz with questions on possible issues that sales departments face. When a customer answers all questions, we offer them to share their phone number to find out the audit results. We also gifted top sales templates for added value.

Users saw the quiz in one minute after they started a session. During the month, 38,67% saw the message, and 9,26% of them made it to the final step and shared their contact details. 

51,4% of those who started taking the quiz made it to the end and left their contact details.

Despite the high conversion rate to response, the Open Rate was low. This quiz should probably be triggered immediately after the session starts or in 15-30 seconds.

How we converted users to the blog

One of the jobs Jane hired the platform to do was to acquire more users to the blog to increase the number of signups from it. For that purpose, we added a button to each article that offered a user to send an article to their email so that they can get back to the website and read the article when it’s convenient for them. During the month, 0,07% of the audience who saw the button clicked it and left their contact info.

In 5 seconds, a user got the email with the article they were interested in. We used this email to convert them to visiting the website and reading the article there. During the month, 66,67% of those who read the email visited the website.

This email converted users to visiting the website well as only interested users got it. But the conversion rate from the website button to a response turned out to be low. Perhaps the button is not always visible or it doesn’t give value/there’s no need for such functionality; we should keep testing the formats.

What we managed to achieve

The deep dive lasted from December to February. Here’s what our colleagues at Oy-li achieved:

Free consultation with our specialists: get more leads collected in 30 minutes


Free consultation with our specialists: get more leads collected in 30 minutes

I’m not sure I’ve fully appreciated the ease of using Dashly, because I’m in a wild time crunch, and I can’t take the time to sit down and quietly figure out how to configure the hypotheses and the funnels on my own. I’m so happy I decided to use Dashly’s “deep-dive” service because again, I wouldn’t be able to do anything on my own. The guys were all over me, they made me call them, pulled all the necessary information out of me, and configured everything on their own. I strongly recommend the service to the same whirligigs as I am 🙂

marketer at Oy-li