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Dashly LTDF deal is over
LifeTime Deal FAQ
What if the number of unique visitors exceeds the limit?
Before you exceed the limits, Dashly will notify you about the limits to exceed (80%). After the limits are exceeded, Dashly blocks the dashboard until the next period or the plan is upgraded.
You have two options:
1. Upgrade to Business (10k MUVs) or Growth (20k MUVs) plans. Ask Dashly team via live chat.
*until the 28th September, Saturday
2. Upgrade to the regular plan, you will receive -50% off discount on regular plans.
Can I upgrade the plan?
Yes, just ask the Dashly team in order to receive the link for the payment. You just need to pay the price difference.
IMPORTANT, if you have a licence code you are able to buy extra until 28th September, Saturday.
What if the number of emails exceeds the limit?
Before you exceed the limits, Dashly will notify you about the limits to exceed (80%). After the limits are exceeded, Dashly blocks the sending mails (triggered and manual) until the next period or the plan is upgraded.
You have two options:
1. Upgrade to Business (15k emails) or Growth (25k emails) plans. Ask Dashly team via live chat.
2. Upgrade to the regular plan, you will receive -50% off discount on regular plans.
Do you have a feature X?
You are always welcome to check Dashly public roadmap - feel free to comment, suggest and upvote
Is Dashly GDPR compliant?
It is! Check this article.
Can I use multiple domains?
One deal is for one domain. That means you have one Dashly code installed on your website and one widget and data collection configured. If you use the code on several domains, you would receive messages and data collected in a single data base.
What is Dashly email deliverability?
This fully depends on your email base. Dashly has algorythm that doesn't let emails fall in spam folder. The leads are to go through confirmation and double opt-in. Dashly doesn't work with cold emails, it's against Terms and policies.
Is the deal stackable?
You can buy as many codes as needed for different businesses.
However, several license codes could not be applied to one domain in order to upgrade the limits.
Dashly offers 50% discount for the upgrade to a regular plan.
Is it possible to change the website URL for your website afterwards?
Yes, you can do that.
But Dashly team does not recommend to do that.
Let me explain how the system works.
The licence code is tightly connected with Dashly dashboard.
Dashly dashboard is connected with your website through the code snippet.
In order to change the website you need to remove the snippet from the "current" website and paste it to the next website.
Important to know that all the data that you collected from the past website will remain in Dashly dashboard.
Also important to know all the auto messages and sequences, all the old data will remain in Dashly dashboard.
The quotas are not refreshed.
Can Dashly replace my email provider?
It depends on your needs. Dashly allows you to send triggered emails and bulk emails within the LTD limits.
Emails can be used for welcome emails, onboarding, retention, etc. Please note that Dashly cannot be used for cold emails.
Why do I have only "Session started" and communication events in the lead card?
You can easily create new events, "clicks", "page visits", "page scrolls" within a minute with Tracking Master.
How can I use Dashly?
1. Lead generation and sales automation,
2. User engagement and onboarding,
3. Customer support.
What is the refund period?
The refund period is 30 days after the deal ended.
Until October 14th, Monday, 23:59 (PST)
Is it possible to buy more deals?
Dashly allows to buy more deals if you have already purchased at least one.
Deadline - 28th September.
Ask team Dashly via live chat:
1. Type of a deal
2. Number of deals
3. Email that you used to make a payment for the first time
Generate leads, Engage users and Support customers
Best for SaaS and online services * ONLY NEW USERS from Lifetime Tech Deal Fans
All features included
No limit on leads
Agency access
Only new users

5'000 unique visitors/month
10,000 emails/month
1 single database
4 seats

All features included
No limit on leads
Agency access
Only new users

10'000 unique visitors/month
15,000 emails/month
1 single database
8 seats

$708 / year
Pro LTD plan
Business LTD plan
Save 91%
$1188 / year
Save 92%
All features included
No limit on leads
Agency access
Only new users

20'000 unique visitors/month
25,000 emails/month
1 single database
8 seats

Growth LTD plan
$1699 / year
Save 91%
All features for Lead Generation
All features for User Engagement
All features for Customer Support
Each LTD plan contains
Webhooks & Open API
Unlimited integrations
Future updates & integrations
Dashly for Leads generation, Engagement and Support

Increase the number of leads and sales from your website

  • Communicate with your visitors from all channels in one place. Get more meetings, speed up your sales.

  • Engage your website visitors and convert them into enthusiastic customers! Dashly collects all your visitors' data into one convenient location. Start tracking right away — no coding necessary.

  • Use the user data that Dashly collects to start conversations with the right people on your website.

Boost customer engagement using In-App messaging and campaigns

  • Use in-app messaging to help users with any difficulties they may have, so that they get the maximum value out of your product

  • Follow up conversations with your users via email. Tell them about cool updates and valuable content, and stay top of mind

  • See the whole user journey inside your product to know when the trial is over or the subscription is canceled to react quickly and retain users.

  • See how users activate in your product and use new features. Funnels will show you conversion rates on every step of user journey.

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Respond instantly to customer messages to give them the best experience ever.

  • One centralized place for messages from all your leads and customer channels. Receive and reply to all communications from the Inbox

  • Create articles about the most important settings in your product and publish them with Dashly Knowledge base

  • Monitor the most important metrics of your support team like the response time, team workload, the number of questions solved and so on. Improve your support team based on data.

Full feature list for Lifetime deal
Live chat

Team Inbox

Mobile app (IOS, Android)

App and email notifications

Groups of operators

Conversations distribution

Assign and hold conversations

Notes to teammates

Working hours

Conversation report

Email forwarding

Facebook + Viber + telegram integration

SDK for mobile apps

Knowledge base
Leads data

Lead card with basic data

Lead card with custom data

Leads segmentation

Lead tags

Lead import end export

Manual pop-ups

Manual email campaigns

Manual chat messages

Data tracking

Custom events tracking
with no-code

Open API, Webhooks,
JS tracking
Triggered pop-ups

Triggered email campaigns

Triggered chat messages

Triggered Webhook

Pop-up builder

Email builder

A/B testing

Experiments with control groups

Email scheduling

Template collections

Ready-made auto messages

Customer journey funnels

Events report

Visitors live tracking

Weekly statistics

Customer communication
Customizable online chat on your website. In free and All-in-all tariff
Answer users on-the-go. In free and All-in-all tariff
Stay tuned for all important in-app actions. In free and All-in-all tariff
Divide your support team into several groups to simplify the dialogue appointment. In All-in-all tariff
The tool which will help you to distribute dialogs into different channels. In All-in-all tariff
Operators will be able to switch from online to offline while they're away and not to make users wait. In All-in-all tariff
Leave notes to your teammates to create a common context. In All-in-all tariff
Could be used to ease the conversation if there is several participants. In All-in-all tariff
Make a schedule with working hours of each operator in your team. In All-in-all tariff
Integrate your inbox with messangers to keep closer to your target audience. In All-in-all tariff
All chats, useful tools and user data in one inbox. In free and All-in-all tariff
Find out where is the problem of your support team. In All-in-all tariff
Engage and support you mobile app users via Dashly SDK. In All-in-all tariff
Use this tool to keep all the data about your website in a convenient way. In All-in-all tariff
Keep all the leads data in one place and use it for segmentation and triggered communication. In All-in-all tariff
Collect any data about your users' actions on the website and keep it in personalised user profile. In All-in-all tariff
Build segments to provide targeted communication. In All-in-all tariff
Leave tags to group users and build segments. In All-in-all tariff
Easily import and export you contact base and information about you users. In All-in-all tariff
Start collecting the data and delivering value with ready-to-use pop-up forms. In All-in-all tariff
Keep your audience engaged with manual email campaings. In All-in-all tariff
Collect default data about users without any additional settings. In free and All-in-all tariff
Flexible infrastructure to apply service for your specific needs. In All-in-all tariff
Start proactive communication with users on you website. In All-in-all tariff
Track user data easily with no code required. In All-in-all tariff
Track users' behaviour and attributes with no coding skills. In All-in-all tariff
Use pop-ups as the reaction on a certain user action. In All-in-all tariff
Engage users on your website with automated chat messages. In All-in-all tariff
Integrate with any service. In All-in-all tariff
Build customized pop-ups just in 5 minutes without developers. In All-in-all tariff
Use email builder to create emails that helps your business grow. In All-in-all tariff
See what works best, use A/B testing to find the best messaging for your customers. In All-in-all tariff
Automatically send personalied email campaings based on users' behaviour. In All-in-all tariff
Use ready-made messages if you do not have enough time. In All-in-all tariff
Use A/B testing with control groups to make the best decisions. In All-in-all tariff
Use our beautiful ready-to-use email and pop-up templates to streamline your experiments. In All-in-all tariff
Schedule email message sending on a certain time and date. In All-in-all tariff
Analyse how the visitor of site becomes a client and improve your CJM. In All-in-all tariff
Recieve a report about the events on your website. In All-in-all tariff
Track all visitors' actions in the real time. In All-in-all tariff
Get the statistics every week and monitor your progress. In All-in-all tariff
Keep all the tools together to make them more accessible. In All-in-all tariff
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