Ready-made chatbot flows

Recommend the right products to your users

A chatbot will ask your visitors what they are looking for and provide links to the right solutions.
Offer your users solutions to their problems and recommend products based on their needs with a chatbot
Chatbot will automatically:
— engage your users in a conversation,
— assist in a product choice,
— qualify website visitors,
— suggest a relevant solution.

Chatbot recommends the right product to your users on autopilot

To offer the right product or solution, a manager must ask users a list of clarifying questions:

— what visitors are interested in,
— what is the price range of the solutions they're looking for,
— who is the goal they want to use a product for,
— desired product parameters,
— who makes buying decisions,
— which payment system do they use.

The chatbot will automatically ask these questions to pick up the most suitable solution. If there is no standard solution, it will pass leads on to the right team.

Chatbot saves customers time searching for product information, optimizes customer support, and increases sales

People prefer to use the chatbot because it helps them find the right product or solution quickly. They don't have to surf the website or look through hundreds of pages. The chatbot will direct them to relevant articles or products.

For agents, it's an opportunity to focus on leads that are ready to buy and not waste time on consultations. The chatbot can advise, direct, and recommend products or content.
How does a chatbot work?
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