Chatbot campaign ideas

Recommend the right products to your users

A chatbot will ask your site visitors what they are looking for and their tasks and provide links to the right solutions.
Ready-to-use workflow
Use this template in Dashly to easily launch a recommendation workflow on your website
Recommendation workflow

Offer your users solutions to their problems

Qualify your site visitors and make product recommendations with a chatbot. It will ask questions and offers solutions from your products.

  • engages your users into a conversation
  • offers help in choosing a product
  • qualifies site visitors and suggests a relevant solution

Set it up in 3 easy steps
  • create your workflow in a visual builder
  • see what it looks like from your customers' side
  • launch it on your website and make recommendations!
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Ready-to-use campaign ideas
Collect and qualify
leads on your website
Collect your leads even when your team is sleeping
Get your users' feedback
Free your team from answering the same questions over and over again
Increase your sales team efficiency
Send targeted product updates to the right segments
Recommend your users the right solutions
More campaign ideas coming soon
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