Instant calls directly from the chat on your website: the integration of Dashly and Zoom

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Instant calls directly from the chat on your website: the integration of Dashly and Zoom

Chats have become firmly ingrained in our everyday lives and are associated with fast and easy communication. But we must admit that they have their disadvantages: you can’t see your interlocutor in a chat, it cannot convey emotions, and still “a picture is worth a thousand words” when it comes to some things.

Now Dashly chat doesn’t suffer from these problems: we are happy to present you with the new integration of Dashly with Zoom. Call your customer right from the chat in a couple of clicks!

Now it’s easy to call a customer: you don’t need to exchange phone numbers or Skype accounts. All you need is a free Zoom account, and your customer only needs a free Zoom account.

Link your Zoom account to Dashly and arrange meetings right from the Inbox section with a couple of buttons. Your customer will receive a message in the chat with a button, which will open Zoom in a new window where you will be waiting for them.

Resolve difficult issues

Do not make your customers text you in a chat if they have a difficult question — a quick call can be a great solution to improve support. Turn the camera on to add more personal communication or show the physical product or share your screen to explain which buttons to click on the website.

Many support team leads are afraid that voice communication takes longer than chatting: the agent spends all their time and attention on one client, while they can have up to five chat dialogs. But in fact, it all depends on the situation: it is much easier to deal with simple questions in the chat, but if the question is unusual, especially if the customer is nervous, it is often easier to call. You will save both time and effort for the user.

I only call users on special occasions. A special case is when a user doesn’t understand anything at all and panics or wants to show something that we cannot replicate, for example, an error. During the call, I can not only answer questions but also calm them down. This is important because the user’s emotions are not always clear in the chat and despite our good intentions, the user can feel offended.

Xenia, agent in Dashly support team

No matter what area your business is in, don’t forget that people do it for people.

Show the product you’re selling

Complex products often need to be demonstrated. Imagine buying a car, antique furniture, or sophisticated service for your company. These are not products that you can just throw in the cart; you probably need a consultation, a test drive, or the help of a configuration manager. The higher the deal value, the closer sales managers work with customers; after all, each lead can be worth the weight of gold.

If the customer is already here and is interested in your product, do not waste time: call them right now, show them the product to full advantage and discuss the main fears of the customer. Yes, this is exactly what sales managers usually do, but you don’t waste time exchanging contacts and don’t call the customer later (because they might change their minds during that time).

Take sales to the new level with Zoom

You can read more about how to organize remote sales in our article.

Give personal consultations and classes

If your customer asks questions about your services in a chat, offer them to hold an immediate kick-off call where you will tell about yourself and your consultations.

Agreeing on the time of the next consultation is easy with the Calendly integration — send an appointment form directly in the chat, and your customer will pick the convenient time slot.

How to configure the integration

Go to the Integration section in Dashly and create the integration with Zoom. The Zoom icon will appear in the Dialogs section.

Each operator must link their Zoom account. This can be done either in the integration section or in the Dialogs section. Just log in to the window that opens and you are ready to communicate!

When you realize it is time to talk, click the integration button in the Dialogs section, and in the window that appears write the invitation text or leave ours. After sending it, the customer will receive your message and the button with a link to the call. Both the agent and the customer need to click on the button that appears and go to a new window to start the conversation.

Online communication is a new reality. A chat is great for dealing with basic simple questions, and if you have to add a little bit of personal communication, you can easily do it in a couple of clicks with our new integration. Stay in touch?

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