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Top 19 GIFs About Support Team

Reading time: 2 minutes29.12.2020
Top 19 GIFs About Support Team

Hey, customer support agents! We feel your pain on Christmas and want to support you as well you supported your customers ❤️ You were good this year, so Santa prepared a special GIFt for you…

We’ve collected 19 GIFs that fully describe what customer support agent work looks like. Enjoy and repost them!

When you feel that a customer hates you even after you helped them

When your customer is too chatty

You and your teammates resolving customer support questions

How the process of creating a knowledge base and passing it to users looks like

When you were about to have dinner, but there is a new message in the chat…

When the call duration is already over an hour, but a user says that they have one more question

How you feel when users ask you difficult questions, and you need to keep in mind lots of information

When you feel exhausted but still need to work

When your team and you relieved one of the most challenging questions

When a random person writes in chat ‘Hi,’ and runs away

When your platform is down, and you try to reply to every user who’s told you about this

How work on Christmas Eve looks like

When developers tell you that they didn’t even start fixing a bug, but a client gets nervous 

When pretend to know what you’re doing but actually have no idea how to resolve a question

When you get positive feedback from a person, you’ve just helped

When the entire team get positive feedback

When a user asks you to call them on a mobile phone

When you start practicing customer success and try to prevent user’s mistakes

When there is a mess in a chat and everyone needs your help, but you keep being deadpan

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