How to increase the conversion rate by 2.5 times using pop-ups, emails, and live chat

Reading time: 13.07.2020
How to increase the conversion rate by 2.5 times using pop-ups, emails, and live chat

In this case study, we will tell you how Artemy, Constantine, and Sergius from the Skyshop marketing team have boosted the conversion rate.

Project Team

The Skyshop team wanted to use Live chat as the main customer retention tool; pop-ups to increase the number of leads collected; and email marketing to increase the conversion rate to purchase. 

Let’s imagine that the average check in Skyshop is $100. Then, in case the CR increased by 2,5 times, the additional cash would be $30’000. The net profit from using Dashly tools would be about $4’500.

About the Сlient

SkyShop is an internet shop where you can order a wide range of services with home or onboard delivery. The product range varies from toothbrushes to luxury perfume and accessories.

Basically, the Skyshop collects leads when they’re placing an order. A customer enters their contact details, and consent to the processing of personal data.

Before skyshop started using Dashly, they had have about 12’000 leads.

The conversion rate to the purchase was 1,72-1,85%.

The challenge: Many Customers Don’t Finish Placing Their Order

Sign up page to which a user is redirected

Flight attendants are also engaged in various activities: they offer to order something from the catalog during the flight. But you can order goods in an online store with a 5% discount. That’s why we are willing to develop this channel of pre-orders and online sales.

digital project manager at SkyShop


  • to define bottlenecks of the sales funnel;
  • to find out the reasons for customer churn and eliminate them;
  • to increase the conversion rate to purchase of those who already visited the website.

Why SkyShop Have Chosen Dashly

I used to have a complex B2B product. And I used Dashly as a tool for a customer retention. I was configuring live chat myself along with the standard campaigns that the software offered. The results were amazing, and I decided to implement the software at Skyshop.

deputy head of trade marketing department at SkyShop

The Solution: to configure auto messages sequences using Dashly 

After SkyShop’s website was updated and the issue of the customer churn was still unresolved, Artemy and Sergio decided to implement Dashly and use the “deep dive” service. The “dive” lasted from October 1, 2019, to October 30, 2019.

Among Dashly tools, Sergio was primarily interested in email sequence used to catch up with gone customers and data collection on users. First of all, Andrew, Dashly project manager, compiled the campaign map. According to it, he helped formulate hypotheses for customer conversion.

We Helped Customers Place Orders

20,35% of customers made orders thanks to the live chat

Among all tools of the SkyShop service, we leaned on chat support. User can always write to the chat and receive the quickly answer.

This is a great result for such a simple tool. Before that, users didn’t get answers to their questions and just left.

the deep-dive manager at Dashly

1,75% of Users have Placed Their Order after Receiving the Welcome Sequence

We ran an A/B test to see which message was more attractive when they visit the website for the first time. We offered a bonus for leaving an email. It turned out that a gift motivates more people to leave their emails than a discount.

After a customer left their email, they received this email:

Subscribe to our blog updates and learn how to convert more visitors into sales!

Thanks! Now check your email to confirm the subscription

We Reminded about the Abandoned Shopping Cart, and 22,22% Placed Their Order

22,22% placed orders after receiving this email

This is a standard campaign for the e-commerce. After a customer adds products to the shopping cart but doesn’t place an order, we are following them with a pop-up or an email if we know the address. 

We Reminded About the Viewed Products and 3,66% Placed Their Order

We Got the Gone Customers Back

Sergio called manual emails the best tool for SkyShop in terms of the conversion rate. The store sends promotional emails with UTM tags that are then submitted to Google Analytics. This way, managers monitor that orders come exactly from emails.

During the deep dive, Andrew sent an email with 2 promotions. 31,27% of users who read an email 5 days after it was sent placed their orders.

31,27% of users made orders

The main tool that skyrocketed the conversion rate was manual mailing. For instance, email that was sent to clients who didn’t visit the Shyshop’s website made 31,27% of receivers place an order.

Conclusions and Plans

Using Dashly, the Skyshop team found bottlenecks of the its’ funnel and revised the way they work with their customers.

  • They’ve launched the campaigns with auto messages that converted the existing base along with manual emails and acquired a new audience,
  • Captured 18’000 leads,
  • Made several user segments. This helped them to target their messages,
  • Increased the conversion rate to order and the number of purchases on the website by 2,5 times.

Thanks to the Dashly team for replying quickly, and giving valuable recommendations on the project. You help us develop our customer service effectively thanks to your involvement in the project.

deputy head of the trade department at SkyShop

SkyShop have set several major targets of: to expand the range of extraordinary products, to increase their audience, and to become a popular online store. To do that, SkyShop is planning to:

  • improve the existing campaigns;
  • configure campaigns to gather reviews;
  • implement quizzes and other new tools;
  • test emails with bonuses on holidays.
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Thank you!

We are thinking about implementing campaigns with promotions on the website; now they are only in manual emails. We also want to develop our blog and send our customers articles and reviews on interesting SkyShop products.

digital project manager at SkyShop