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Pop-up builder: 6 action plans you can launch in 5 minutes

Reading time: 7 minutes17.01.2019
Pop-up builder: 6 action plans you can launch in 5 minutes

Pop-ups irritate you? Bet you close them when they appear on some websites and that may even stop you from using pop-ups on your own website. But let’s be honest — no one would use pop-ups if they didn’t work. Try to use the pop-up builder to change your opinion. 

There are a lot of important things that can be solved with the help of pop-ups: collect personal data of new visitors, segment users, increase conversions and sell extra paid features and so much more.

Depending on a purpose, pop-ups can be shown on different stages of visitors’ interaction with your website. Some may appear in a couple of seconds after the session was started, others — when a visitor got stuck during the registration or even when they are already ready to leave your website.

We, in Dashly, use pop-ups all the time (for us and our clients). Now it’s time to share our experience. We tested all the campaigns you see below and proved them effective. Pop-ups in this article were made with Dashly Pop-up builder — so you can easily create all the same for your website.

Action plan #1: lead generation

The main goal here is to collect as many emails/phone numbers as possible. This personal data is a bridge to long term relationship with your visitors, that’s why the more we get at the top of the funnel, the more we will see at its end.

In order to motivate people to leave their contacts in your pop-ups, it’s better to give something in return: an eBook, a useful toolkit, personal offer, special offer and so on. It’s also a good way to ask for feedback, offer help or suggest subscribing to a newsletter.

Here is a couple of examples:

Collect personal information Offer your help

And here’s the use case.

Action plan #2: lead qualification

To get the most out of every communication with your leads you need to provide them only with the information they’re interested in. Here lead segmentation is of use. Divide all your leads into groups depending on different characteristics — lead events or properties. Then you can work with these segments separately — make different offers, create different campaigns and even wait for different target actions from each segment.

Basically, you know who your audience is and what are the key differences between particular segments so you can create personalized offers. If the key point for you is visitor’s company size, then ask about it in a pop-up, just like that:

Qualify your leads

After that, you may send offers for that business or assign an operator who works with that type of clients. Learn more about how to configure it in our use case.

Action plan #3: initiating a conversation

Don’t leave your visitors wander around your website all along — invite them to chat with cool guys from your support team. This will activate them in the product faster, increase loyalty and start a real personal relationship.

Involve into a conversation

If your target audience is not comfortable with chatting, offer to call them back. Let them choose the best communication in a pop-up.

It is also a good idea to collect feedback — a chance for your visitors to speak up. You will understand what your leads think about you, may put some changes into your roadmap and, on a good day, make a loyal client.

Collect feedback

Action plan #4: leading to sign up

Remind your visitors that profits start with registration. If there is a free trial period — don’t be silent about it.

Most of the time it’s hard to understand all the privileges of paid subscription, that’s why you need to stimulate your leads to try a product. Increase sign up conversion rate with a pop-up like that:

Motivate to sign up

Action plan #5: activating into a product

You know how your own product works in details, but your users don’t. Sometimes they have no idea that they need to refill the balance or that they can activate a feature to make life easier.

Little tips will help users to be up to date, explain important and complicated product details. You can make step by step onboarding using small pop-ups like this one:

Remind about the important events

Acquaint your user with a product, send transaction messages, tune navigation, announce updates and do a lot of other cool things with pop-ups.

Action plan #6: increasing the engagement

Everybody loves to play! Let your visitors have some fun — show them a pop-up with a quiz or a game. Just like that:

Play with visitors

This will leave pleasant memories about your product in visitors’ mind and leave them interested in it (and will collect visitors’ personal data for you). Come up with a riddle and go for it!

How to do it in Dashly?

Now it’s time for practice!

Begin with an auto message as usual, the magic begins with the “Form and content” step. Choose Pop-up builder as a type of message and… let’s start creating!  

  1. Choose a size of the pop-up (big or small). For big pop-ups you can adjust composition: let the text fill the whole pop-up or only a part of it.
  2. Add a background (it’s white by default).
  3. Put a text: add a title and a message text.
  4. Add a text input field and configure the way you need it: size, tooltips and a property that will be recorded (for example, email or phone number).
  5. Model a button: text, size and color.
  6. Put an image and adjust its size.
  7. Don’t forget to work with all indents from the top and the bottom so the pop-up will look neat.
  8. Ready! Time to launch it.

Create a pop-up

It’s  easy to make good-looking pop-ups, but that’s not it. Pop-ups mean conversions. But to feel it you need to spend time testing and making mistakes. Find your growth formula, the best strategy and you’ll never say that pop-ups don’t work again.

It will take you 5 minutes to create a remarkable pop-up — our timer confirmed. And with pretty big traffic on your website you can create, test and change hypotheses every single day. Dare, you’ve got it!?

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