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How to move from Intercom: + Dashly

Reading time: 6 minutes13.06.2022
How to move from Intercom: + Dashly

When you have a lot of money, you gonna keep it in the bank. When you have a lot of personal belongings, you’d like to keep them in a garage. But where do you keep your website/forum/Ebay images? is a premium image hosting and our good friends. Upload, resize, edit images online and host them securely. It means that your popular images will never be deleted and all of your images can be embedded online. This is a top tool for online stores and Ebay sellers. landing landing

Our acquaintance started about a year ago when team was looking for an Intercom alternative.

I had been using Intercom, but couldn’t justify the high cost for a huge number of features I don’t need like custom bot

Img.vison founder had three main goals for using Dashly:

  1. For auto-messages based on custom properties and custom events;
  2. As a CRM to keep track of custom customer properties that are relevant to measure customer engagement;
  3. To provide support on the go (via the mobile app).

So let’s see how Dashly helped here. If you land on website, you won’t see Dashly’s chat widget, but it appears right after you sign up. Dashly is installed inside because one of the main goals was to learn more about their existing customers, improve communications with them, and work on conversions via triggered message chains. Moreover, Dashly chat is integrated with Facebook messenger, so no communication from Facebook will be missed.

Hack! Installing Dashly only inside your product may be a good idea if you have huge traffic, but not that much customers. In this case, we’ll collect the data only about your users who signed up, so the subscription will be cheaper. But no work with incoming traffic, lead capturing and sign-up conversion at all. ?

The most bothering thing when migrating from one product to another is data transfer. already had a pool of customers information about whom they wanted to keep and see in Dashly. All the leads with their properties (sign up date, last payment date, number of images stored, etc) were imported to Dashly and appeared in Leads section. Next time one of these migrated leads signs in their account, Dashly will just merge that lead with the existing lead card, so no data will be lost!

Custom lead properties in
Custom lead properties in

All data collection in is made via API — they record custom properties and all the events needed (sign up, payment, trial end, and so on).

Hack! Dashly collects a lot of “out of the box” data about users:

  • Email
  • Name
  • Location
  • Page visited at the moment
  • Last activity
  • Number of sessions, etc.

Along with that Dashly open API allows you to collect absolutely every data about users and their actions and record the data to their lead card.

These are the properties we now track in Dashly for users:

  • Number of uploaded images
  • Number of unique properties (creating multiple accounts without having to sign up again)
  • Number of folders created
  • Last charged date
  • Signed up date
  • Company name and industry
  • Company’s website, etc.

From the very beginning we were working very closely with’s developer Alex.  Founder of himself says the following about migrating:

We had lots of support from the devs at Dashly who helped us migrate existing Intercom data over and helped us set up the chat widget

Img.vison founder

All the migrated and collected data is now used for automated communications with users. In several campaigns are created for now that increase engagement, onboard users and remind about important things. Communication with users starts from the welcome message:

Welcome email for newcomers
Welcome email for newcomers

Then it goes:

  • Onboarding in the product;
  • warning of ending trial period;
  • request for feedback after 2 days of signing up
  • thank you emails for paying;
  • notification of failed payments.

Hack! Use auto messages for your own sake — get feedback to improve your product and make it even better. Send a link to a short survey in one of your auto messages (or embed it right into the email) as did.

Feedback collection page in
Feedback collection page in

What do triggered message chains bring to Better customer engagement received from welcome messages, onboarding sequence, etc. involves users into the product, shows the key features and key value of the product and, as a result, increases trial-to-paid conversion and LTV. For instance, 71% of customers have been having a paid subscription for two or more months. And visitor tracking makes triggered message chains more effective because of the right segmentation and always on-time emails.

Visitor tracking gives a lot of insights that can be used for better segmentation and more personal relationships. We recommend adjusting auto-messages you send according to the segment’s behavior you noticed in Leads section.

I noticed a user with an expired trial account kept logging in every week or so. I could see that based on events history and web sessions count. I immediately contacted the user to find out how to help him get subscribed so he could actually use his account

Img.vison founder

And live chat puts the quality of support provided to the next level. Dashly allows to adjust chat widget according to the a website design (its color, position, and animation), configure welcome messages and auto replies depending on operator’s working hours.

Welcome message in chat
Welcome message in chat

“What I saw that the auto-expanding bubble with the welcome text ‘I’m here’ really drew a lot of attention and people interacting. In the end, I had to turn it off temporary, because I’m not available enough to answer chat messages right away”. founder

Data collection and visitor tracking in CRM, communications via auto messages, and support in a live chat together result in higher conversions and longer users’ lifetimes.

Hack! Numbers don’t lie, so regularly look through the analytics on how the current automation is performing. Use Dashboard for daily review of most important metrics and funnels to go deeper in every step of the funnel.

Dashly’s Dashboard
Dashly’s Dashboard

Nice feature of Dashly is the Dashboard: you login and see all kinds of different graphs from different areas of the product. Intercom has stats, but they are per product, not offering a single dashboard on login founder

In the end, migrating from one product to another may seem to be terrifying. However, go deeper and you’ll find how easy and smooth it is.  As it is said “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Write us right now and we will help you keep all the data needed and get the maximum profit for your business out of Dashly. ?

P.S. Let us brag a bit. When we asked about what they like most about Dashly, they said:

Great support and friendly team at Dashly. Also price is just right!

Img.Vision founder

Thank you for your trust in us and for taking your time to have an interview?

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