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Reading time: 2 minutes05.11.2020
Digital Marketer GIFs

Marketer life isn’t easy. 

Recently, we had a Zoom party and found out that everyone in marketing shares the same problems. This is how this article was born — we collected all the painful situations in marketing memes on a single page.


When your creatives weren’t appreciated:

When you try to monitor your competitors’ campaigns:

When you have an existential crisis but still need to work:

When you meet with your colleagues during the coronavirus era:

When you’ve burned all the Google Ads budget:

When you need to make creatives by yourself as there is no designer who can help you:

When someone loved your weekly newsletter:

When you need to publish your case study, but the client doesn’t have time to approve this:

When the message with your task was accidentally deleted:

You, every Tuesday:

When your tech friends ask you if your product is built with Python or Java, but you are just a marketer:

When you’ve been working for 5 seconds and already feel tired:

And one more:

When you’ve sent an email campaign with the wrong link:

When you’ve been sleeping for 2 hours and somehow need to work:

When someone asks you to take some additional tasks at the moment your working day is over:

When the editor says that your article needs 99% rewriting:

When screenshots in your article are blurred and you need to redo all the pictures:

When you remember about the task on the day of its deadline:

That’s All Folks

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