Dashly and Calendly integration

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Dashly and Calendly integration

Imagine you need to call your customer. You start negotiating on the date and realize that you both have very busy schedules: you offer an option, the interlocutor finds it unsuitable; they offer their option, and so on, and so forth.

We offer another option: let the customer choose their own time and make an appointment in a couple of clicks right from the website chat. For this purpose, we have integrated Dashly with Calendly — a service that allows you to quickly and conveniently schedule meetings with your users.

Make an appointment in just a few clicks

With the integration, the call appointment will look like this:

After authorization, the list of all your events will be pulled upright in the Dialogs section; in order to invite a user, you just need to select the desired option.

The user on the website will receive a special message in the chat with a button that, when clicked, will open the Calendly widget right in the chat. The user will see a list of available time slots and choose a convenient one without leaving your website. At the end of the appointment-making process, a message with the information about the selected date and time will appear in the chat. You can also find the information about the appointment on the user card.

Let us tell you when the integration with Calendly will make life easier for you, your agents, and your customers.

Plan your work

Let’s consider the simplest example where you only manage your calendar. Suppose you’re the only sales manager in the company or you do the research yourself. All you need is a free Calendly plan:

  • add an event and select its duration;
  • specify the available time for an appointment (when it is convenient for you to hold meetings or calls);
  • sign in to Calendly in the Dialogs section;
  • select the desired one from the list of available events; the link will be sent to the user as a button;
  • a user will choose the time convenient for them and make an appointment;
  • If you didn’t know their contacts, we’ll put them on a user card;
  • before the call, Calendly will send a reminder.

Allocate teamwork

In the Dashly chat, only appointments to the Calendly events are done, but the service itself is designed so that you can distribute the appointment to all team members.

Let’s say you have a sales department where managers hold a demo of your service. Each of them has an account in Calendly; these accounts are combined into a team calendar.

The support agent will not need to spend time to specify who from the sales team and when they can receive the call; just send a link to the team calendar to a user in the chat who will schedule an appointment with any of the managers in their free time.

Don’t worry that the customer will not come up with the time or they will offer their own and you will have to go back to the sales team again.

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