How to process more conversations per day: case study of Mottor online platform

Reading time: 23.04.2020
How to process more conversations per day: case study of Mottor online platform

We asked our friends at Mottor to tell us how their support team is organized, why it’s important for users, and how Dashly tools help organize its work.ч

Mottor is a unique website builder with a simple and clear editor for web studios, entrepreneurs, and website builders with or without experience.

It allows you to quickly create a website of almost any complexity and solves any challenge that a website may face.

The most important thing is to create a product that will deliver value to our customers and constantly remind them that the product is being created for the people.

Success can be achieved if we manage to communicate this value right to our users and help them get it, and we cannot do this without support.

Customer support team lead

The target audience is about 500 thousand customers who are coming from advertising, a referral system, YouTube channels, and social media. These are mainly entrepreneurs, designers, and website developers.

They go through the funnel through registration, website creation, plan purchase, and configuration.

How is the Mottor support team organized?

The support team consists of 10 people and is divided into two teams: incoming and outgoing support. There is a team lead in each team who controls the operation in the chat, collaborates with the team, and updates the knowledge base. Specialists in the chat are divided into three support lines.

Both teams have a coach who works with the teams and develops the support team in general.

Processes, metrics, rituals: how the support team works

The support service is responsible for communication with users: it helps to get familiar with the service, feel its value, resolve issues, and prepare the website to launch more quickly.

The support team also gathers feedback and helps the whole team to develop a user-oriented product.

We’ve been having the support team since the very beginning of the service and it is our strong advantage over competitors because it is extremely important for our customers. Users practically always praise the support in their reviews about our service, and we have printed extracts on the wall with the most enjoyable messages from users ?

Customer support team lead

Within the company, customer support influences three indicators:

  • Activation: a user will not buy a plan unless they have a ready website;
  • Churn prevention: make sure that a user doesn’t leave us if something doesn’t work or a website doesn’t generate leads;
  • Recommendations: how many people recommend the product.

The outgoing support team has appeared to make sure that dealing with activation, churn, and recommendations is more efficient; these guys contact the customers, help them get to the desired outcome or solve the customer’s “pain”.

Coach of the support team

The effectiveness of support is evaluated based on the number of dialogs processed by a specialist, the response time rate, and the quality of message processing.

User ratings help with the latter, but they are not always objective and most people do not give them at all.

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Another ritual that allows the support team to monitor performance quality is regular internal dialog proofreading.

We evaluate the dialogue by 8 criteria: whether it is good from a technical point of view, whether the approach to the problem is optimal, whether everything is in order with style and the “spirit of support”.

Coach of the support team

The support team have their own UPS (ultimate perfect solution); this is a document that describes the ideal support service from several points of view. The big objectives of this document are broken down into tasks that can be performed now.

For example, the ideal support service from the user’s point of view immediately answers questions and they don’t need to wait for it, and the medium-term task of implementing a chatbot follows from it.

Coach of the support team

How Mottor uses Dashly tools

For quality customer support, we needed a communication channel between the customer and the service to respond quickly and in real-time.

Jivosite did not fit because there was no session saving, Chatra did not allow us to connect the Mottor user with a chat, Intercom was too expensive, plus the price of the plan depended on the number of contacts in the base which was confusing.

In the Dashly chat, it is easy to communicate with both support specialists and customers. Messages from all channels (chat, email, Telegram, Facebook) at one place, agents do not need to switch between interfaces; you can see the information about customers, what channel a person is writing from — this is important for us — and the history of their activity in the service. There are analytics and many useful additional functions, and the service is affordable.

Coach of the support team

On average, the support team handles over 250 dialogs per day and communicates with users by phone approximately 10-20 times a day.

The typical dialogue is as follows: a customer describes a task like “I want to make this thing on my website”, and the support team helps them achieve the result.

Mottor actively uses automated chat messages to notify users about new features, special offers, and events (for example, weekly webinars), and bring them into the dialog depending on the event on the page.

The knowledge base helps the support team process user inquiries; agents often refer to instructions and teach customers to use the knowledge base on their own. There is a person in the team responsible for the knowledge base and the article writing plan.

We previously used the internal knowledge base which was created a long time ago. The article editor was not very clear, even changing something in the existing instruction was painful; they were only available in the account, and there was no search — all these small details made the knowledge base unpopular among users.

We in the support team have set ourselves the task to find a service where we can create a cool knowledge base ourselves and not waste development time.

Customer support team lead

This is what the Mottor knowledge base looks like:

We are planning to continue using Dashly and are waiting for the chatbot to be released.

With the release of the chatbot, we are planning to automate some processes and launch new ones. We hope that the agents will be a little relieved, and users will get answers even faster ?

Customer support team lead
Mottor team