Pop-up builder: creating a pop-up is easier than building a Lego!

Right into a Christmas stocking we put our long awaited feature and a great gift for all developers who can now spend their time listening to Carol of The Bells instead of composing pop-ups.

🎉Meet the pop-up builder🎉

Now you can create remarkable pop-ups with no sweat with the help of the easy Dashly drag-n-drop builder. Just like that:

Create a pop-up

Add images, buttons, texts and other block in the way you want, combine them as a LEGO and enjoy your designer skills.

Find Pop-up builder in Auto messages section and start creating. We’ll help to come up with ideas – read on.

Add different blocks to pop-up

Collect leads. And ask as much information as you need.

Pop-up to collect personal data

Don’t forget to offer different communication channels to get in touch with you.

Pop-up to offer your help

Involve into your product. Our clients say that such pop-ups increase the conversion to registration dramatically. Try them too!

Pop-up to motivate to sign up

Segment them all. Get to know who’s in front of you right away to offer perfect solutions and raise conversions.

Pop-up to qualify leads

Remind about the important. Use small pop-ups as reminders or tips so that your users don’t forget to do what’s really needed.

Pop-up to send transactional notifications

Collect feedback. Learn how to become better or get to know what customers feel about you with feedback collecting pop-ups:

Pop-up to collect feedback

Play for fun. And attention. Entertain your visitors to make them stay longer and become closer to you. 😇

Pop-up to play a game with visitors

And much more cool things that you can do with Dashly new Pop-up builder. Play with it and make the best pop-ups that will fit into your website design, raise your conversions and be loved by your visitors (believe us, cool pop-ups never annoy😎).

Pop-up builder is easy-to-use, but we still have your back – detailed instruction is in our Knowledge base.

C’mon, just do it!🚀

Author: Helen Korpula
Marketing manager
Telling the world about Dashly and how it may be good for you.
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